Five must have shoes for women

img_3_240x240mar1416A woman can never have enough pairs of shoes, but owning the right pairs is a must. Kitten heels and wedges are all the rage today. Every woman should have a pair of these, says an expert.

Ronnie Khanna, owner, Saint G, a luxury footwear brand, lists top five shoes that should be owned by women.

* Kitten heels: These type of heels are made for every height of women to wear. Essentially you can treat them as a pair of regular heels and they look great with cropped trousers. If you are a first-timer then try out a neutral colour instead of a bright or patterned pair for a formal evening. Kitten heels are the most preferred due to their flexibility for occasions as diverse as events to evening parties.

* Slingback: The comfortable design and edgy looks of the slingback make it perfect for your day-to-day business. These heels can be paired with skirts, dresses and even jeans for a relaxed summer look.

* Wedges: If you are struggling with heels, then try wedges. As the name implies, this type of shoe has a somewhat triangular, wedge shape, but not all wedges are super high heels. Wedged heels are made for comfortable walks.

* Spool: These types are different from others. It’s wide from top and slim in the middle. If you require a pair of shoes that you can have on to a wedding or on a first date, then this is what you need. Spool heels a rage these days.

* Stilettos: Stilettos are designed different from the other ones. They can provide you the burst of self-confidence that you have at all times wanted.

Source: IANS
Image Source: Getty Images