Five ways you’re damaging your hair

img_7_240x240aug21We keep trying out new things on our hair to make it look more beautiful without noticing the negative impact of it on the hair.

Capital-based dermatologist and hair expert Sonia Mangal shares how:

* Use of straighteners: People tend to directly put the straightener on their hair to make it look straight, but it damages your hair and makes them dry, rough and frizzy.

* Over-brushing of hair: It can also lead to hair fall. Brushing wet hair is another reason of hair fall as wet hair is fragile and it can cause major breakage.

* Using shampoo daily: Washing hair with shampoo almost every day makes it dry. Using the wrong brush to comb your hair can also lead to hair fall. Natural-bristle brushes are great for grabbing thick, slightly damp hair and smoothing it out during a blow-out.

* Using towel to dry the hair: We usually dry our hair with the towel that we use on a regular basis. The fabric agitates the cuticles in the hair which leads to friction and then ultimately leads to hair fall.

* Poor eating habits: Vitamin A, C and E are vital for your hair to maintain its glossy texture.

Source: IANS
Image: Getty Images