Flaxseeds help fight cancer: Dr. Namita Pandey

doc_02_240x240_mar3Dr. Namita Pandey, a Consultant Breast Oncosurgeon at IOSPL, Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai has years of experience handling numerous cases in breast cancer at Hiranandani (Mumbai), Tata Memorial (Mumbai), Indo American Cancer Hospital (Hyderabad), Apollo Hospital (Hyderabad) and GKNM Hospital (Coimbatore).

She takes care of the Comprehensive Breast Clinic where all breast related issues like lactational disorders, nipple discharges, breast pain, non-cancerous lumps, breast cancer prevention counseling, patient education, breast cancer survivorship programs and cosmetic aspects of breasts are dealt under one roof.

Dr. Namita Pandey answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

a solitary oval cyst of 7 x 4 mm noted at 7.0 clock pero- aerolar region of left breast. No spiculated mass is seen in either breast. Impression – Simple cyst in both Breast.
A simple cyst is never a matter of concern. They happen due to the regular hormonal changes in your body. Your scan seems to be normal.

Normal Fibro-glandular tissuer noted.der is small 3 x 3mm simple oval cyst at sub aerolar region of right breast .
A simple cyst is never a matter of concern. They happen due to the regular hormonal changes in your body. Your scan seems to be normal

Do environmental factors trigger breast cancer? How?
Anything that disturbs our general well being will decrease out immunity like pollution, smoke, which impure the air we take in. A lower body immunity invites not only breast cancer but all kinds of cancer and other health related issues.

Doctor is it that breast cancer if genetic can skip a generation?
Yes it is possible for a lady to not to have a breast cancer even if she has a very strong family history of breast cancer.

Do upper body exercises like push ups help the most to prevent beast cancer or a complete body workout is necessary?
A complete body workout should be good for your general well being. Upper body exercises will help to take care of the cosmetic effect of your breasts. They will prevent an early drooping and will keep your breasts firmer.

Are there any supplements that could be consumed daily to prevent breast cancer? If there is then can you please name one?
No specific supplements are available till date towards preventing breast cancer but you can take any dietary supplement as and when required.

Does miscarriage have an effect on one’s breast health?
Yes it has a negative effect. In the following pregnancy breast feeding should be given as much as possible.

My sister’s daughter is 26yrs. At what age should she start examining her breasts?
BSE should start after 20 yrs of age. After 30yrs she should go for clinical examination by any professional every third yearly and mammogram should be undertaken after 40yrs of age.

What are genetic tests? Do all women need to go through it?
Only those woman who have a family history should undertake these tests.

Are breast cancer tests results always accurate?
We detect breast cancer by triple test: Clinician’s examination, radiological examination and pathological examination. Most of the triple time the triple test is accurate.

Hello Dr Namita. I am 32yrs working married female. I have this phobia about breast cancer and keep assuming a lot. Pls help.
The entity called as ‘cancerophobia’ / stress is considered to be one of the risk factor. My advise don’t give unnecessary invitation. Please follow cancer prevention methodology.

Ma’m I have heard that sometimes mammogram cannot detect early signs of breast cancer. Is this right?
A suspicious case in which mammogram is negative is usually further investigated by either an ultrasound or MRI depending on the treating doctor’s opinion.

Can deodorants also cause breast cancer?
Yet deodorants are not so old to see the long term effect towards cancer but yes they are chemicals and hence should be used in moderation.

I am a working woman aged 44 yrs. Is exercising alternate days for half an hour enough for me? I do yoga more.
Yes the idea is to break your sweat and to maintain an ideal weight.

Are fruits the best source to prevent cancer? What fruits are the best?
Any whole fruit is best to boost your immunity which in turn fight against cancer. Things like flax seeds, walnuts, almonds and lime are proven to have more beneficial effects. Fruits with high content of Vitamin C like sweet lime and oranges are proved to be better.

Does the risk of breast cancer runs only from the mother’s side of family?
No.The patient may inherit mutated BRCA 1 AND 2 genes from her father’s side.

Is it true doctor that large the size of breasts, more is the risk?
Rather than size a denser breast is supposed to be one of the risk factor.

Are there any risks involved in having a mammogram?
Very minimal and hence we do not advise within a year.

How often should one opt for a mammogram?
Yearly mammogram is advised post 40yrs of age. If there is a family history patient may start getti8ng mammograms earlier.

Doctor are there any warning signs that we should be aware of in between monthly breast self examination?
You should also undertake mammography yearly if you are post 40yrs. Before 40yrs of age you can take ultrasound if at all you feel any abnormality.

Till what stage is breast cancer curable?
Till 3rd stage breast cancer is curable but higher the stage more are the chances of its reoccurrence. Hence we advise patients to report an early stage preferably stage 1 where we will be able to conserve the breast and give a better treatment.

Can post menopausal therapy igtger breast cancer?
Yes it does trigger breast cancer and hence it should be taken for a short while. Now we have pills with less of estrogen and more of progesterone available in the market. Still they should be used for a shorter duration only.

Are birth control pills related to breast cancer?
Yes. Pills with High estrogen content are related with breast cancer. But now there are only progesterone containing OC pills available in the market which are safe. doc_01_240x240_mar3

How often should a woman undergo a clinical breast test?
Pre menopausal should do it every month post 7 days of their menses. For post menopausal on one specific day of the month BSE should be done.

I am 39yrs female. What can I do to reduce the risks of breast cancer?
Follow healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, have a ideal weight, avoid smoking, alcohol and stress.

Which is better for breast health, sports bra or a normal bra with hooks and straps?
Any bra can be used but care should be taken that in underwired bras the wire should not pressurizing at one specific point. Cotton strapped bra prevents drooping of the breast to a certain extent.

Is breast cancer permanently curable?
Once a breast cancer patient, chances will always be there for it to reoccur and hence the prevention methodology should be followed.

Are breast lifts or breast enlargement surgeries safe enough?
Yes they are quite safe because the normal breasts are not touched. Additional silicon implants are put behind them to make them more prominent.

Does nipple color change normal?When do nipples generally change in color?
During pregnancy and lactation the nipples may become darker. This may revert back to normal color once the patient stops feeding.

Do breasts go under any kind of change post menopause?
Yes. They may droop and lose some of the fibre content of the breast and hence may become smaller and flacid.

What are the different reasons of pain one’s breasts?
If you are menstruating pain might happen due to your hormones. Any extreme ups and downs may cause breast pain. Apart from this, things like infection, muscular pain and cysts may cause mastalgia (breast pain).

Madam I feel heavier on one side of the breast. only. Why is it so?
Like our hands both the breasts are not the same. Most of the time left is bigger than the right but in 30 percent of the patient the right may be bigger/ heavier than the left.

How normal is it to have breast pain?
If you are menstruating its common to have breast pain. If it becomes severe you may see your doctor.

Is it true that a woman cannot get pregnant till she is breastfeeding?
No its a myth. You can still get pregnant while you are breastfeeding.

How do I know doctor whether my baby is getting enough milk?
If your baby is not crying post breastfeeding, if she/he sleeps soundly and passing sufficient amount of urine means you are doing a good job.

I am 35yrs female who has delivered a baby 3 months back. I want to know how often should I breastfeed my child?
Your baby completely depends on your breast milk till she or he is 6 months old (Not even water). Try to breastfeed your baby as much as you can alternating each breast.

Is late marriage and late child bearing the main cause of all the health problems that women face today?
Yes. It is one of the reasons why so many health issues apart from breast cancer and infertility are becoming so common.

When do lactational disorders occur?
They occur if you are not taking care to empty your milk filled breast completely or due to some infection.

Mother 45 treated for breast cancer Q1. What are chances of daughter 21 having 5 lumps in breast of getting Cancer Q2. Whether we should go for BIOPSY .Q3. Ayurved Homeopath suggest medicines which can dissolve lumps.confused?
Since you got it at an younger age there are chances that it might be there in your family. But not necessarily these lumps may be cancerous. Since she is just 21yrs go ahead with the ultrasound of the breast which will give the hint whether the lumps are cancerous or not. Most likely these lumps will turn out to be fibroadenmas, which are completely harmless. They happen due to hormonal effect.

Can breast cancer be prevented?
Yes, it can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle, early first pregnancy, breast feeding for long time, avoiding smoking, alcohol and stress.

How many years of breast feeding is advised by you for health?
6 months of exclusive breast feeding and another one and a half year along with other dietary supplement.

Is breast cancer almost genetic?
Only 5 to 10 percent cases are genetic, rest all are sporadic. They happen because of some risk factors associated with the lady.

How important is breast feeding a child for a woman?
Its very important. Not only the child will be benefitted but the mother will also be .Not Breastfeeding is one the most important reasons why breast cancer has become so rampant.

In what age group is the breast cancer most common?
Breast cancer is most common in 50-60 yrs. But if there is a positive family history then a patient might get it earlier.

What type of exercises help to prevent breast cancer doctor?
Any kind of breaking a sweat exercise like jogging for half an hour is advised or playing a sport.

Hello Doctor. I am 40 yrs female married but not conceived yet. What all care is required to prevent breast cancer?
Try to get pregnant asap . Feed the baby for atleast 2 yrs.