‘Follow a scientific approach to build muscles’, says Kaizzad Capadia

Kaizzad Capadia, the nationally ranked competitive bodybuilder who pioneered the personal training trend in India, took time off his busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions. Here’s the complete chat transcript…

How can i lose my weight in less time
You will lose fat in the quickest possible time by engaging in a ketogenic diet coupled with intense weight training.

How to develop body
Thats a very non specific question my freind… in short the only form of exercise that would contribute to developing the muscles of the body is weight training… But this weight training must be coupled with the right nutrition (Most importantly – adequate protein) & the right amount of rest & reciovery between workouts

Iam 28 yr old female 157cm 73kgs. want to reduce atleast 12-15kgs. I have reuced the food intake but having a healthy diet. also started doing yoga for 45mins every day past two months i have reduced only 3kgs.what else can i do at home?
Unless i see your diet pan…i will not be able to tell you whether you are on the right track or not.

Gd noon sir, for the last 2 yrs am doing exercise in a health club at kolkata…am happy with my improvement bt problem remains in abs…it is difficult for me to maintain food chart…will u plz suggest any exercise???
The reason you are having a problem with the abs is that, itios the predisposed site for fat storage in males & you do not have the dscipline to follow a fatloss diet… There is no exercise to lose fat on the abdomen…all the abdominal exercises help you strengthen & develop the ab muscles…now to see them you have to lose fat by following a fatloss diet.

I am 28 years old my height is 5. 7″ and weight 58kgs only although i am healthy with no medical problems i would like to put on a little more weight also build my bisceps and abs., how to go about it
Start weight training the whole body…not just biceps & abs… Do so by joining a reputed commercial gym with qualified instructors. Take a diet that provides you with atleast 2 grams per kg body weight in terms of first class protein & atleast 3 times as much of carbohydrates.

As a student, having very less time to spend in the gym. i just want to have a slim but fit body, could only the free hand exercise help me out?
Free hand exercises are no different from weight training. The muscle cannot distinguish between resistance being provided by an external weight such as a dumbbell or a barbell & by the body itself… The only problem with free hand is that in certain movements you may not be able to do the requisite amount of reps (Maybe too low or too high) & you also cannot train the entire body. There will always be some body parts left out… So buddy….make the time to go to the gym

Do you have any suggestions as to how I could strengthen those specific muscles that allow you to do a pull-up? Apart from wide-grip lat pull-downs, are there many other exercises I could do?
To get better at an exercise you have to be specific to the joint action taking place in thge movement… So you are on the right track… Stick to progressing in the lat pulldown to build strength for the Chin up. But train the back comprehensively with rows as well. When it comes to the lattissimus dorsi…you need to adress the extension function with rows & the adduction function with lat pulldowns or chin-ups

Whats the best exercise to reduce side stomach fat….

You cannot spot reduce fat. Fat does not belong to a specific area of the body. Train the entire body with compound unsupported movements & gat on a fatloss diet (Restrict carbs)

I am Sixteen.My weight is 72.How can I reduce my weight.

Your question should be how can i reduce FAT… You can do so by engaging in weight training the entire body & following a fatloss diet that would entail restricting carbohydrates to no more than 50- 100gms a day & feeding the body with adequate protein to the tune of atleast 2 grms per kg bodyweight.

I am a beginer, i do exercise & yoga. I don’t have idea of lifting light weights so can you pls explain how to start & continue
Join a commercial gym with certified trainers. I cannot fit in all the advice i would have to give you in order to start weight training…

What should i do to loose stomach fat & any specific diet chart…….??
Fat is general to the body… it does not belong to a particular body part… to lose fat we have to increase the bodies basal metabolic rate… We can do this with intense weight training. But you have to gtrain the whole body… Plus the diet must be restricted in sugar & carbohydrates & should have atleast 2 grams per kg bodyweight of protein.

Tips for working people to stay fit
Join a gym… i run 20 gyms & most of my members are working people…

Is it safe for me to lift dumbells. im 15 nw
Yes it is perfectly safe as long as you do the exercises with correct form & technique. So join a good gym with qualified instructors.

How is the heart rate to be calculated while spot jogging?
You could choose the carotid artery at the neck for the pulse rate…since you are spot jogging…take the pulse only for 10 seconds & multiply by 6 to get your heart rate.

I just got out of college, would like to have a sleek figure. my ht is 4ft 9, wt is 55 kg, what do i do?
Join a reputable gym with qualified instructors & qualified sports nutritionists

Pl suggest exercise to get rid of migraine
There is no exercise that can rid you of migraine

Please tell me a good exercise to lose weight from my hip
Spot reduction is not physiologically possible… if you are successful in raising your BMR, you ill lose from all over the body including the hips. If you are a woman, then your hips are the predisposed site for fat gain and hence the fat on the hips will be the first to come & the last to go…

Any easy way to keep the back strong?
No easy way… You will have to do exercises that place resistance on the function of shoulder extension – Rows Shoulder adduction – Lat pulldowns & chinups Scapular elevation – shrugs and prevention of trunk flexion – Deadlifts & Good mornings you will have to do all of the above & couple it with proper nutrition to get a strong back.

How do we know our muscles are really getting worked out?
You do not need to really know that…there should be progression from workout to workout… Do not rely on soreness… Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is a very unpredictable marker of an effective workout… You know you have hit the muscles well if you have done more weight with the same reps than before or more reps with the same weight than before without compromising on range of motion and form & technique

How to build biceps?
Incline dumbbell curls: 2 sets (6-8 reps) Reverse cable curls: 2 sets (6-8reps) Do not exceed this per week 7 you will have great biceps if your nutrition is adequate.

Kindly suggest me ways how to build muscle and how to stay focused to gym?. Is taking protein supplements must for building muscle? Is this true that building muscles depend upon body type??
Weight train intensely with compound unsupported & power movements… target based training is what will ensure focus…always enter the gym with a target or a goal in mind. Supplements are not neccesary…a particular quantum of protein is neccessary…if you are not getting that from food then a good solution is to use protein supplements… in case you are a vegetarian, then milk based protein supplements like whey become essential. How much muscle you will build will definitely depend on genetic limitations… But you will be able to reach your genetic potential only if you follow a scientific approach

Dear sir, I am aware that your academy conducts excellent course on personal training, club management, sports nutrition etc. Why not on aerobics sir? There is no good course on aerobics in Pune… Why don’t u initiate this course in Pune sir?
I start courses only when i am satisfied with the quality of the faculty that is going to teach. I had a fantastic teacher for group fitness in Pune… Did one course but the response was very poor & hence we discontinued.

Hi, I am 35 yrs old, i have gained lot of weight in my chest and waist my weight is 103 kgs and my waist is 42 inches, i do not have any phy activitive suggest me to reduce my waist
Join a commercial gym of repute with qualified instructors & sports nutritionists… Unless you get physically active & alter your diet…nothing can be achieved.

Is creatine good for intermediate weight lifting? If not why ?
I recommend creatine only at the advanced levels as it is a performance enhancing aid…Since you still have scope to improve performance whilst going from intermediate to advanced…creatine at this point would be a waste of money…

Getting ripped from 120kgs to 80 kgs in a span of 6 months with steroids , how?
Getting ripped…the most important thing would be the alterations in your diet…. Carbs to be restricted & protein to be bumped up…. Thats the only way to lose fat while preserving muscle so that you end up ripped & hard… All the steroids ion the world will not get you ripped if you do not diet properly.

Hello sir, im siraj , im a Hr , since i sit through the day day .. amd too much of pressure in work .. i start home late .. due to thsi there is a drastic changes in my body shape .. i need to reduce my waist, belly help me out to stay fit ..
Refer to the answer to the question above yours

I am 29 yrs and have big belly and importantly i do not drink or smoke. Could u tell me the easiest way to reduce my belly?
To reduce your belly…you need to reduce your overall fat percentage. To do that you need to imcrease BMR… To do that you need to train the entire body with weights & get on a low carb, high protein diet.

Hi. What is your opinion on Isometrics? Also, do you advocate low rep, short time high intensity training?
Isometric contractions are static contractions…they are inferior to dynamic concentric and eccentric contractions in creating micro trauma… Use isometrics only when movement in a joint is compromised due to an injury. Yes at the advanced level i always advocate using weights that restrict you to not more than 4-6 reps

Congrats on your victories sir! is hard work the only way to muscles?
Hard work is the only way to anything & everything in life & yes that includes muscles too 🙂

How do i go about getting a personal trainer? i live in thane
EUPHORIA is a good gym in thane with K11 certified trainers… you could go there to enquire about personal training.

Can stretching increase my height?
NO…Stretching can only improve flexibility