Food allergies can be treated by Homeopathy: Dr. Patil

image_2_240x240feb17Dr. Vrushali Patil is a Homoeopathic Consultant who is practicing successfully since the last 10 years. She has been certified in homoeopathy from the Mumbai University. She is now successfully consulting at ‘Vedamrut’ in Raheja Vihar – Mumbai.

She specialises in all female and child health disorders.

She has been an expert in treating children’s problems like chronic cough and cold, teething problem, allergies and late learning. She has also cured kidney stones and gall bladder stones. She has also treated migraine, chronic sinusitis and arthritis and some skin problems like psoriasis and skin allergies. She has been successful in providing result oriented weight loss treatments with proper homoeopathic medicines and an expert guidance on how to eat right.

Dr. Vrushali Patil answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

i ve chronic sinusitis and i have been taking homeopathy medicines but not to a great help. i ve now discontinued and planning to switch to allopathy..any suggestions.
It is entirely your choice to opt for Ayurveda but are you sure that you have followed the right guidelines while you were on homeopathic treatment because we have cured chronic sinusitis patients successfully.

hi,my son has dyslexia and reserved.can it be treated in homeopathy?
Yes it can definitely help your son to improve . Please consult an expert homeopath practitioner.

Homeopathy is known for being a very safe and steady treatment, but are there any illnesses that still remain unhealed by it?
In many cases we look at the patient as a whole person and not at the illness. So all illnesses can be treated by homeopathy under expert guidance.

My husband has a family history of premature greying of hair. Can homeopathy help him?
It can.

Doctor please advice me something for hairfall. Are there homeopathic medicines to stop hairfall?
You can visit a homeopath practitioner and take a proper treatment for hairfall. You should follow heaithy diet and proper sleep. Ensure healthy lifestyle. Avoid fried foods and eat more fruits and vegetables. Have sufficient water.

can I also treat food allergies by homeopathy?
Yes of course you can.

Is homeopathy able to treat swine flu?
Yes there are homeopathic medicines showing good results in swine flu too.

Does homeopathy insure that there won’t be recurrence of the illness treated by the same?
Yes it does.

Hello Dr Patil, how long does it generally to take to heal Migraine completely by homeopathy?
Depends on the individual case.

Also is there a good homeopathic hair oil? Please suggest.
Yes there is Arnica hair oil and jaborandi hair oil. But if you are facing thinning of hair then you need to take homeopathic medicines internally.

And I am 40yrs female witnessing thinning of hair. Is there some treatment in homeopathy to make hair thicker and strong?
Yes there is homeopathic treatment for this.

Gd morng… is there a homeopathic treatment for increasing height of children aged around 11-13 yrs?
Height of the person is biological but homeopathy can help to some extent.

Where can one buy homeopathic medicines? Does one need to necessarily visit a Homeopath practitioner for even common ailments like cold, cough, fever?
Yes you need to visit a practitioner personally because there might be different medicines for common cold also.

Hi… Madam is it that Homeopathy does not require any pathological tests?
No it does require in some cases.

If yes, then how long does it usually take to heal asthma by homeopathy? Regards.
The time of healing also depends on the severity of the illness.

Is there a permanent cure to asthma in homeopathy?
Yes it depends on the age of the patient and severity of illness.

Good morning dr.Vrushali, what is the age group of children that can opt for homeopathic treatment?
All age groups in children.

Normally how long does it take to get results from homeopathic treatment?
It depends on individual case and how chronic the illness is.

Greetings, I desire to know that whether one can get online homeopathic treatment ?
Its not advisable. We need to meet the person, as in many cases we need to know the history of the patient and to chose the correct remedy.

Do you also treat obese people?
Yes we do . You need to follow diet and exercise along with homeopathic medicines.

Some say and believe that homeopathy is mere psychological treatment. How true is this? Thank you.
Its not.

Does homeopathy also treat ailments that are genetic?
Yes it does but it might take longer than usual.

How to decide on a good homeopathic practitioner?
You should look for a properly qualified and experienced Homeopath practitioner.

Are all homeopathic medicines sweet in taste? What if a diabetic wants to go or homeopathic remedies?
We can give the medicines in liquid form to diabetics, which are not sweet.

What about Diabetes1 and Diabetes2? Is there homeopathic cure to it?

Wanted to know if there is homeopathic treatment for Gestational Diabetes in pregnant women?
It does help but you need to consult an expert Homeopath practitioner.

Is it advisable to go for homeopathic treatment during pregnancy?
If there is any problem during pregnancy , homeopathic medicines can be prescribed but under expert observation.

Hello Dr. Vrushali , can homeopathic treatments pose an interference with other drugs/medicines?
They don’t interfere, but in Homeopathy we do not advise to take other drugs along with homeopathy.

Homeopathy and Ayurveda are both natural treatments.. what is the difference between the two?
The way of treatment is different. Homeopathy comparatively is an easy and effective treatment.

Do liquid homeopathic medicines also contain alcohol?
Yes to an extent some do contain alcohol.

Homeopathy is considered to be a safe medication, but are there any disadvantages attached to homeopathy too?
No. They are very safe without any side effects.

Hi doctor,can homeopathy heal tuberculosis?
Yes with proper examination/ testings and need to visit an expert Homeopath practitioner. It will also depend on how chronic is it.

It is said that homeopathic medicines contain substances from animals too. So are homeopathic medicines non-vegan?
Yes some are.

What is the logic behind not eating or drinking anything atleast 30mins before and after taking homeopathy medicine?
Homeopathic medicines are in a very minute doses and they add deeply, so to work faster you need to keep a gap of 30 mins before and after.

What if a person is on allopathic or ayurvedic treatment? Can he/ she can still opt for homeopathic treatment?
Yes but she/ he has to discontinue the other drugs and need to take homeopathic medicines.

Do homeopathic treatments work only on a particular age group?
No not all, homeopathy works very well from a new born baby to very old aged persons.

Does homeopathy also cure infertility or impotency?
Yes it does under expert homeopath guidance.

Hi, I am a female aged 39yrs. Trying to conceive a child from last 3 yrs. All reports of my husband and myself are normal. But have failed to conceive. Can homeopathy help me to conceive a child?
Yes homeopathy can help you but you need to visita homeopathy doctor and follow the instructions.
Is there a permanent remedy to Migraine in Homeopathy?
Yes of course, we have cured migraine successfully.

What should be the accurate pattern of lifestyle according to you when one is on homeopathic medication?
While taking the homeopathic medicines follow healthy lifestyle, good food habits, some exercise and proper sleep will help you a lot. Eat more fruits and vegetables and sufficient water.

What does homeopathy medicines contain?
They are made from animal kingdom, plants, minerals, metals and other different natural things.

I have heard that homeopathy usually takes a lot of time to heal any illness. Is this true?
That depends on the individual patient and how chronic the disease is. In acute cases it can be cured within a couple of days also.

How does homeopathy actually work as a healer M’am?
In homeopathy we believe that symptoms are external manifestation of internally disturbed vital force so we take the detailed history and treat patient as a whole and so the cure takes place from within outward which is permanent cure.

And are there any painkillers in Homeopathy?
For some cases like abdominal pain, dysmenorrhia we have very good remedies in Homeopathy.

What about injuries, sprains or fractures? Does homeopathy offer treatments for this ?
Yes of course, in fact we have had very good results to heal the fractures fast. Even we have very good remedy in case of burning. Even in sprains and injuries, homeopathy will help to heal faster.

Can we buy homeopathic medicines for common colds and flu and store them like crocin, etc.?
No you cant, because everytime the medicine will not be the same.

Hello… Is it more advisable to go for homeopathic remedies even for seasonal colds, coughs and flu?
Yes. Homeopathy cures seasonal cold and cough very effectively especially in children.