Food in small packets make people eat more

People tend to eat more of a particular food item when it comes in small packs rather than regular sizes, especially when it comes to chocolates and candies.

Those with low-appearance self-esteem (concerned about body, weight or physical appearance) tend to consume more than the average population, says University of Alberta Jennifer Argo, who conducted the study.

`The low-appearance self-esteem people ate the most when they were told that the caloric information was favourable (low in calories), when the caloric information was on the front of the package and when the product was visible (clear packaging),` said Argo, the Journal of Marketing reports.

`People in the high-appearance self-esteem category (those who did not indicate concerns about weight or physical appearance) still ate more. But there was a big jump in the consumption quantity for (those with low self-esteem).`

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