Foods that burn fat

According to nutritionists and food experts, foods that have high vitamin C content tend to burn fats fast. These include the following fruits: Lime, lemon, orange, graperfruit, watermelon and apple.

The vegetables include: carrot, celery, broccoli and cabbage

The importance of vitamin C is that it has the ability to dilute the fat in the body, hence making it less effective. And because of this it is easier for the body to flush out, or eliminate
such fats.

Then there are the foods that one consumes for breakfast such as: Oatmeal, whole grain cereals and skimmed milk.

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These are considered as sources of vitamins, minerals and fibre.

These promote the break down of fat in the body. In fact, they tend to energise the body, promoting a higher metabolic rate.

Another fat burning food is soy. Food experts consider this to be wonder food, as it contains chemicals that prevent fat from being deposited on the cells, breaking them down completely. Garlic juice and garlic oil have been proven to have certain properties that protect the cells and catalyse the process of ridding the body of fat content.

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Other foods that burn fat include: Black tea, coffee, green tea, low fat yoghurt, water, jalapenos.

Courtesy: Rehana Khambaty
Image: Flickr creativecommons rachel titiriga