Foods that help reduce migraine headache: Dr. Makhija

3-240x240 (1)Dr Prashant Makhija is presently a Consultant Neurologist at Seven Hills Hospital, Mumbai. He has completed his D.M. (Neurology) from G. B. Pant Hospital, Delhi with special exposure in Stroke, Headache, Epilepsy and Nerve/Muscle.

He has also worked as Senior Resident (Internal medicine) at R.M.L. Hospital, Delhi, and as Senior Resident (Neurology) at IHBAS and G.T.B. Hospital, Delhi. He has been a runner up at the TYSA Neurology Quiz. His areas of interest include Migraine, Stroke and Headache.

Dr Prashant Makhija answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

Is eye migraine more common in females?
Migraine in general is more common in females..

How can one get rid of eye migraine sir?
Evaluation and treatment under supervision of Neurophyician

Gd aftrn Sir Is there something called as eye migraine?
Migraine can be associated with visual symptoms..there are some types like Ophthalmoplegic  Migraine & Retinal Migraine which are associated with eye involvement

pl suggest some medicine for migraine ?
it is not appropriate to seek online prescriptions..please get yourself evaluated and teated under medical supervision..

Hello Dr.Makhija Are anti depressant tablets also helpful in curing migraine?
some antidepressants like tricyclics are used as prophylactics to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks..there is no curative therapy for migraine

Do allergies trigger headaches?
Allergic Rhinitis is a known trigger for headaches including Migraine..

Any foods that would help during migraine headaches?
though not conclusively proven but some foods rich in Vitamin B2(Riboflavin) and Magnesium(mushrooms, spinach,banana,green leafy vegetables) can help in reducing migraine

When I get migraine headache it doesn’t go for a few days and I vomit frequently. Is this a cause of concern? What is the remedy?
Migraine attacks can last from 4 hours up to 3 days..nausea/vomiting and intolerance to light and sound are accompaniments of migraine attack..please get yourself treated under medical supervision

Are migraine headaches and stroke connected?
Migraineurs are known to have increased propensity for Stroke

How can we identify if a person is getting a stroke?
FAST..which stands for F-facial drooping, A-arm weakness, S-slurred speech..T-time..if one is having sudden or acute onset of above symptoms..then one should suspect stroke and immediately rush to the nearest hospital

What is the first aid when one gets stroke?
“Time is Brain”..Rush to hospital immediately..some medications can only be given during the critical window period

Is it okay to press the head hard when one has a headache? That seems to bring some relief..
light massage can be done if that brings you some relief..

Hi Doctor, I get frequent headaches, almost everyday but once I have coffee it goes away. What might be the cause for this? I have sinus.
As previously in moderation is beneficial..but if you are having frequent daily headaches then you must avoid self medication and consult Neurophysican to avoid what is known as Medication overuse headache..will require evaluation to judge whether your headaches are related to sinusitis

Can migraine pain be treated normally?
Migraine needs to be treated under Medical supervision.. there is nothing like Normal treatment

Are there different kind of migraine pains?
there are several types of Migraine..some migraineurs have associated “aura” most frequently in the form of visual and also as sensory & motor disturbances..there are some special types.. Basilar Migraine..Retinal Migraine..Ophthalmoplegic Migraine..etc.. to name a few (depending upon the associated symptoms)

Is migraine also triggered by use of laptops?
flickering LED lights can act as trigger for migraine..would suggest reducing the brightness and using screen guards to reduce the glare..

I have migraine pain.Pl tell me why migraine is necessarily the pain on one side of head and not on both sides?
it is common for migraine to start from one side and the in some cases it becomes holocranial..also migraine alternates sides..headache side-locked to one side only would require evaluation to rule out a secondary cause

Can headaches also be symptoms of some neurological problem?
please go through previous answers..have answered that already

Does frequency of headaches relate to how serious it is?
frequent headaches can definitely be disabling but not necessarily indicate seriousness..other associated signs & symptoms can give an inkling as to whether headache is due to some serious underlying condition

Can headaches also be symptoms of some neurological problem?
headache is a symptom of neurological condition…though severity of underlying cause might vary

Is there a surgery to treat stroke?
there are specific indications for surgical intervention in stroke..not all cases require intervention

Is stroke mostly fatal?
not always..mortality related to stroke would depend upon severity ..age & associated co-morbid conditions are also determinants of mortality
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What can trigger stroke?
please go through previous answers..there are modifiable & non-modifiable risk factors for stroke

Hi …do heart diseases increase the risk of getting stroke?
have answered that question already..please go through previous messages

Do common tabs like paracetamol, aspirin or any painkiller taken for headache has side effects?
all medicines have side effects..therefore it is advisable to take medicines under medical supervision to minimize the risk

Which tablet is recommended by you for comon headache?
there is nothing like common headache..suggest you take medicines only under medical supervision

Detecting food allergies also helps to avoid headaches. Is a medical test necessary to detect the food allergies?
Some Migraineurs are known to have their headaches precipitated by certain cheese, nuts, red need for allergy test if you have found your trigger..simply avoid the trigger

Why is it that the headaches worsen at warm and hot places and reduce at cold and chilly places?
hot & humid weather conditions as well changes in barometric pressure are known precipitants of Migraine..exact cause why it happens is not known

I get headache whenever I start walking under the sun. They say sunlight is good and even necessary source of for Vit D. Pl help.
some amount of sun exposure is necessary to get Vit.D..but one need not bathe in sun..avoid excess exposur to sun

Does migraine attacks usually decrease with growing age? Even in females?
Migraine attacks are known to reduce in intensity as well as frequency with age..but individual variations can occur

What is the best treatment available for migraine in females?
there are basically two types of treatment for migraine(1) abortive therapy to treat acute attack and(2) prophylactic therapy to reduce the frequency and intensity…treatment needs to be individualized

Does consuming 3-4 cups of tea/coffee everyday trigger headaches?
as answered previously coffee in moderation can abort migraine..but excess daily intake as well its withdrawal can precipitate headache

Dr Prashant what are your suggestions for good neuro health?
stay active, exercise regularly ..healthy diet rich in fruits , vegetable..adequate sleep ..avoid stress..practise meditation & yoga

What can be the chemical triggers to migraine?
perfumes with strong smell and foods containing tyramine like cheese can trigger a migraine

How many times in a month is it normal to have headaches?
there is nothing like normal frequency of headaches..any headache should be evaluated and treated depending on the cause

Who generally has more risk of getting stroke?
there are several modifying & non-modifying risk factors for stroke..age & family history are nonmodifiable risk factors.. vascular risk factors i.e. hypertension,Diabetes and hyperlipidemia are common modifiable risk factors

Will the headaches subside if my brother is treated for sinus completely?
will depend whether sinusitis was the sole cause of headache in your brother..suggest consulting a neurophysician

My brother-19yr has sinus but also complains of headaches often. Are sinus and headaches related to each other?
sinusitis can result in headache..but a patient with sinusitis can also have headaches due to some other reason..proper evaluation by a neurophysician is necessary to find out the cause of headaches in your brother

Is stroke related to one’s weak heart?
yes..a weak heart with reduced pumping action as well as disease of the heart valves can precipitate what is known as cardioembolic stroke

Hello, good afternoon. I want to know that if one person gets stroke, will it pass on to his/ her children or do even the siblings of the person carry the risk?
positive family history is a known risk factor for stroke.. but a healthy lifestyle and regular check up to monitor your vascular risk factors can definitely reduce the risk of having strokes

Some say that coffee/tea helps to relieve headache while some disagree. What i your opinion Sir?
caffeine is a known therapy for abort the acute attacks..but excess of it can also act as precipitant for headache

I get headaches during periods. I am 31yrs. Its mostly before and on the third and fourth day. What is your advice to me?
migraine is known to be precipitated by hormonal changes during menses..if you have frequent disabling headaches, then prophylactic therapy can be started under supervision to reduce
your frequency and intensity of headaches

Is there a permanent cure to migraine?
migraine can be definitely be treated..but as of now there is no curative therapy for migraine