Foods to be eaten during winter to prevent cold

Do cold winter days make you hungry? Here’s a list of foods that will warm you up and keep you cheerful and healthy this season.

Vitamin: Low temperature will accelerate the metabolism of vitamins, so you should supplement it in foods promptly. Vitamin A could enhance the body’s ability to prevent cold; B vitamins are beneficial to the normal metabolism; vitamin C could improve the adaption ability to cold; vitamin E could improve blood circulation and prevent hormone imbalance.

The foods that are rich in vitamin A are carrots and pumpkin; fresh rice, noodles and coarse grains are rich in B vitamins; fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin C; sunflower seeds, nuts, black sesame and soyabean products are abundant in vitamin E.

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Minerals: The sensation of chill may be related with the mineral deficiency in diets. Carrot, potato, cabbage, lotus root, cauliflower, onion, potatoes and other root vegetables contain a large number of mineral substances. They can be cooked with meat/cereals to prevent a chill. You could also drink milk, eat more soyabean, oyster, sardines and other calcium-rich foods to enhance the body’s resistance to cold.

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Iodine: Iodine is an important raw material of thyroxine composition, which can stimulate proteins, carbohydrates and fat into energy to produce heat and resist cold. If the body lacks iodine, the resistance power of the body will decline. Go for seaweed, jellyfish, shellfish and other iodine-rich foods to build immunity.

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Ferrum: Ferrum is useful in producing blood, and the red cells in blood are responsible for the transportation and metabolism of oxygen. It aids in the conversion of protein, carbohydrates and fat into heat – and, you need plenty of oxygen to burn them. If your  hands are always icy in winter, lack of ferrum could be one reason. So, eat more ferrum-rich foods such as beef, fish, egg, black fungus, jujube, diary and soyabean products.

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Besides this, wear warm clothing, keep your ears and feet warm and you can be sure to prevent diseases caused by cold weather.

Rehana Khambaty
Image: healthhomehappy