Fuel your body to achieve the perfect fitness goals

‘Are you truly fit?’ Well, most of us can’t say a wholehearted ‘Yes’ to this common question. As advised by health experts and dietitians, fitness is the key towards a long, healthy life! But, we are lazy to take care of ourselves and end up falling prey to various untold lifestyle disorders.

Amidst a pool of fitness enthusiasts and experts, this dynamic individual stands tall and strong. Meet Mr. Mukul Nagpaul – a renowned fitness trainer who is striving hard to help people stay fit the right way!

PMF – is the mantra behind his fitness regime’:
Performance- Making your body physically and mentally ready to perform better.
Movement – Ensuring active movements, thereby promoting an overall healthy living.
Functionality- Stimulating your muscles to stay energetic all the time.

These three core assets when blended together; enables effective transformation of the individual. ‘Any form of physical activity is a must in today’s sedentary lifestyle’, stresses Nagpaul, who follows an extraordinary approach in a simple way to cater to his diverse clients.
His never-ending thirst motivated him to take up ‘fitness’ as a serious career. His early days of experimentation and self-observation prompted him to explore the positive side of training our body naturally. In order to apply the perfect fitness mechanism, he focuses on the energy level, mental ability, lifestyle habits and the medical history of every individual.

He is the first certified online trainer in India and his long list of happy clients is a proof of his professional expertise. His fitness app is more of a personalised fitness system; wherein you get to clarify your queries instantly. This exclusive app is subjected to limited entries on a payment basis.

‘Fitness is actually fun when you don’t compromise on your diet and stay healthy at the same time; this is what I am trying to educate my clients. In short, my fitness regime is a complete tailor-made workout and nutrition plan that fits your current lifestyle choices.’

Also recognised as a celebrity fitness trainer, he has trained many popular personalities like former cricketer Murali Karthik, Malini Ramani (fashion designer) and so on. He is a proud recipient of few stellar awards and never fails to inspire people through his active workshops and sessions.

‘You live only once, make the best out of it’ – he concludes with a huge smile.
You can reach him at: Mr. Mukul Nagpaul

Source: Sify
Image Source: pmf training