Gardening for good physical and mental health

Discover the blissful effects of gardening, and how it helps keep you flashing those pearly whites. Read on

It wasn’t a long time back when a shovel and a bag of seeds were enough to make you sustainable and happy. But now, with all the gizmos and gadgets piling up, mankind has resorted to finding relaxation in playing a video game or downloading new apps. With all the hustle and bustle around, the today’s man is under more stress than the man of yesterday. And that’s exactly when gardening comes into play.

Studies show that spending a few quiet minutes in a ‘green’ area could make you feel calmer, relaxed and get you into a better frame of mind.

Snip, snap

Trying to shed some extra kilos? Here’s the good news! Researches confirm that the energy expenditure that occurs during gardening actually helps melt the belly fat. An hour of moderate gardening can burn around 300-400 calories. Mowing the grass on your lawn is similar to a brisk walk, and bending and stretching while gardening is compared to spending a few minutes in an aerobic class. Also, elderly people have a lower risk of osteoporosis if they garden regularly, researchers add.

Healthy crunch

If you’re growing food in your garden, it’s just another reason to rejoice! Since you’ve grown the veggies, you’ll know what’s on your plate. The produce that you pick up off supermarket shelves is loaded with pesticides and insecticides, which are potentially dangerous and pose health risks in the long term. Using your own garden produce ensures that you’re eating the right thing.

Get wise

The more you garden, the more knowledge you gain. How? It’s obvious enough. As time passes, you would probably have a better idea of the flowering of plants, their water and fertilizer requirement, sunlight and other factors. You could also consider picking up a botany course if you fall in love with gardening. You’ll be amazed at how much you already know.

The creative expression

Gardening serves as an excellent outlet for your creative expression. People expressing their creativity are much more likely to be satisfied and contented with their lives than any other people.

Emotional factor

Plants do make you healthier by releasing a good amount of oxygen which helps keep your organs happy. However, gardening as a hobby has more benefits for your emotional being than one. It helps develop your concentration power, stay focused and best of all, combats stress and negative energies to an unimaginable level. No wonder it turns out that gardening people are more cheerful and happy than others.

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