Go classy with these funky hairdos this monsoon

beau240x240Go all out with experimenting and revamping your hairstyle this season. A little hippie, a little bold, a little too classy, a little too sassy — try out some funky looks this monsoon, says an expert.

Audrey D’souza, educator at international luxury hairstyling brand TIGI Bed Head, decodes some hairdos that you can flaunt this season.


– Shampoo and condition your hair. Once done, rinse your hair with cold water for a minute. Rinsing it with cool water adds shine and reduces frizz.
– Apply a quarter-size amount of serum to your damp towel-dried hair to keep your strands smooth.
– Comb your hair through and pull back as low and high you would like it to be and fix it with a rubber-band (depending on the density you can fix it as tight or lose you want).
– Then place a segment of hair on the rubber-band to hide it and secure with u-pins.
– Use a finishing product to fix the look.

Fishtail braid:

– Shampoo and condition your hair.
– Use a quarter-size amount of serum. Rub the serum over your hands, and then run your fingers thru.
– Divide the hair in two sections, add a segment of hair from the left to the right and the make it as tight as you can, feed a segment from the right to the left keeping the grip tight.
– Make sure the section is at least one inch so that you can see the definition of the braid more clearly.
– If braided too tight, use your nails to pull out the strands and give it a softer look.

Messy bun:

– Shampoo your hair for a clean scalp and shinier mid-lengths.
– Starting at the roots, back comb using a tail comb and then mid lengths and ends to create extra texture and volume.
– Brush your hair and secure the top section in the middle or at the side depending on your face shape, to create a bouffant or leave it as a side sweep depending on your preference.
– On the mid-lengths and ends, either with your fingers or a curling wand, create texture and definition depends the curl you want to achieve as tight or loose as possible.
– Take random sections and pin them up depending as low or as high, side or middle you would like your bun to be created.

Sugar shock waves:

– Cleanse your hair with shampoo and then condition your hair.
– Use two to three pumps of a volumising product on damp hair for the waves to be formed.
– For better definition, you can also let your hair dry naturally post applying the product and use a curling wand from your mid lengths to ends.
– If you have very straight hair, or even if you are looking for a bit more hold and definition, twist and clip it loosely till your hair absorbs the product.
– In the end, hold your hair tight so that the waves last for much longer (just use the scrunch technique).

Source: IANS
Image Source: Getty Images