Green peas trim belly fat

Are you tired of having belly fat? Now, eat two small apples, one cup of green peas and one-half cup of pinto beans and exercise vigorously for 30 minutes, two to four times a week. According to the researchers, vegetables, fruit and beans contain more soluble fibre and will help reduce visceral fat, or belly fat, around the midsection.

They found that for every 10-gram increase in soluble fibre eaten per day, visceral fat was reduced by 3.7 percent over five years. In addition, increased moderate activity resulted in a 7.4 percent decrease in the rate of visceral fat accumulation over the same time period.

`We know that a higher rate of visceral fat is associated with high blood pressure, diabetes and fatty liver disease,` said Kristen Hairston, assistant professor of internal medicine at Wake Forest Baptist and lead researcher on the study.

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