Health benefits of massage

Next in our series on massages, we bring to you the umpteen benefits of this ancient therapy.

Massages to the rescue

Gone are the days when massage was considered a luxury. Over the years, massage therapy has evolved to become a recreation that provides relaxation and rejuvenation.

Massage therapy is an ancient art that has been in use in China and Egypt for healing a variety of ailments. Its benefits are not only limited to treating physical ailments but are also known to soothe the mind.

The revival of this ancient art in recent times establishes its effectiveness in achieving overall wellness.

A wonderful stress buster and a pain reliever, a good massage improves blood circulation and promotes good health.

Health benefits of massage:

Reduces cardiac load: A remarkable reduction in cardiovascular load is seen with massage therapy. It maintains proper and adequate blood circulation and facilitates better blood supply to various organs.

Nourishes the skin: The increased blood circulation nourishes the tissues of the skin. It promotes sweating which enables release of various injurious toxins from the body. The outcome thus is radiant, glowing skin.

Relieves nerve tension: A slow and gentle massage can help reduce nerve tension while a vigorous massage, aids in improving the laxity and efficiency of nerves.

Aids muscle health: Muscle exhaustion leads to lactic acid build-up in the muscles. This accumulated acid can cause damage to the muscle cells. An important benefit of therapeutic massage is the removal of stored lactic acid from the muscles. This rejuvenates and benefits the health of muscle cells.

Strengthens the digestive system: Massaging the abdomen helps rid body waste from the body. It strengthens the liver is strengthened and immunity is also enhanced.

Increased blood circulation: Blood supplies oxygen and other vital nutrients to various parts of the body. Massage accelerates blood circulation thereby enhancing overall health. Massage therapy also helps in reducing inflammation or swelling.

Effects on urinary system: Massage increases passage of urine. That helps the body flush out harmful toxins.

Immunity enhancement: Our body’s defence mechanism is controlled by the lymphatic flow. Since massage increases the lymph flow, it strengthens out immune system.

Releases endorphins: Endorphins are chemicals produced by our body. Endorphins are responsible for promoting feelings of wellbeing. A massage helps release these feel-good chemicals aiding general health and wellbeing.

Effect on the joints: Massage helps in improving body flexibility and agility, aiding movement of joints. It also helps reduce swelling and inflammation in joints and thereby help relieve arthritis pain.

Miscellaneous effect: Massage therapy is widely used as a therapeutic line of treatment in situations like carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica problems, headaches and tendinitis.

A massage helps you become more comfortable with your body and enables you to be more centred with yourself.

An Important Tip:

Don’t get a massage when you have fever, as it increases the body temperature. Always choose a massage that is best suited for you, check out: Introduction to massages – different types, for more information.

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