Health news: Bored with jobs, women find solace in eating

If your craving for chocolate or a biscuit gets the better of you, then it is time to look for another job. Women who are over-worked, bored or plain disgusted with their careers are more likely to find solace in eating, says a Finnish study.

The study found women who reported work burnout were more likely to develop an `emotional` eating habit, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported.

Nina Nevanpera, from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, who led the study, said: `Those experiencing burnout may be more vulnerable to emotional eating and uncontrolled eating, and have a hindered ability to make changes in their eating behaviour.`

`We recommend that burnout should be treated first, and that burnout and eating behavior should be evaluated in obesity treatment,` added Nevanpera, according to the Daily Mail.

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