Health news: Shoe type provides clues about health risks

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Length of fingers and whether a person wears high heels may indicate risk of serious health conditions in the future, according to a new book.

Dr. David Agus, author of the new book `The End of Illness,` said that by learning to interpret the body`s signals, people can prolong their health and live their lives free of illness.

`The end of illness is closer than you might think,` Dr Agus, also a professor of medicine at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, wrote in the book.

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But to be able to achieve that, people should look at their bodies in a whole new manner.

`Medicine today is, `I treat the individual condition. Your joint hurts, I`ll give you something to help the joints.` But I want to figure out why. What in your system allowed that joint to hurt. And I want to change the whole system in a different direction,` ABC News quoted Dr Agus as saying.

Dr Agus said that the finger length points towards risk of certain diseases.

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`If you`re a woman, and, for example, you look at your ring finger and index finger, there`s data. And this is a real published study showing that if your ring finger is bigger than your index finger, you`re almost twice as likely to get osteoarthritis.`

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