Health recipe: Oats puttu

Toddlers have small stomachs. Offer small portions of food at a time on a baby plate instead of piling food on a plate from which adults eat. Here’s a healthy recipe for your baby.

Oats puttu


white oats – 1 cup

coconut – 3 tbsp

salt as required

water as requiried


Sprinkle water to the oats and salt.
Mix the oats without any lumps and then take a puttu maker.
Put some coconut in the last layer.
Then put some oats mix and then put coconut, oats mix, until the puttu maker is full.
The top layer should be coconut.
Place the puttu maker over the pressure cooker and cook the puttu as usual.
Serve the puttu either with plantain fruits, papad or sugar.
This puttu is a very healthy.
It contains high fibre and it is very nutritious.