Health recipe of the day

Coriander leaves are a good source of iron and fibre. They aid in digestion and help lower cholesterol levels. They also prevent nausea and bloating caused by gas.

Try this simple, healthy chutney to go with your idli or even with rice

Coriander, a bunch
4-5 cloves – garlic
1/2 tsp – cumin
6-7 – chillies
Lemon juice


  1. Wash coriander leaves; put it in the mixer (grinder) with salt as per taste, cumin, garlic, chillies and lemon juice and grind.
  2. Make a paste of it but make sure it is not be too watery.
  3. Your chutney is ready. It will go very well as bread spread and more with rice.

Recipe source: Anju Addanki