Health recipe of the day: Simple Leafy Salad

Leafy green vegetables are rich in fibre, prevent osteoporosis. Greens are almost completely carbohydrate-free and an ideal vegetable for diabetics. Try this healthy salad from Saroj Kering today!

1 bunch fenugreek greens
10-12 white radish greens (tender)
1 small bunch fresh coriander leaves
1 sprig spring onion greens (optional)
1/4 cabbage, shredded coarsely


Clean, pick, fenugreek including thin tender stems.
Chop radish greens coarsely
Pick coriander leaves, including very tender stems.
Chop spring onion greens coarsely
Wash, clean, dab out all excess moisture of all greens.
Spread out on clean kitchen cloth, if required.
Mix all ingredients, serve with fresh curds, salt and pepper.