Healthy diet with yoga helps in fat loss: Dr.Priyam Ahuja

Dr.Priyam Ahuja is an anti obesity expert, a passionate diet and health consultant. She is practicing dietician and founder of ‘Diet of a Dietician’ TM, having extensive experience in nutrition counseling in fitness center, hospitals, community and sports professionals.

Priyam deals with obesity, hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, Heart diseases, stroke, forgetfulness, thyroid, PCOD, post pregnancy weight gain, eating disorders and lifestyle modifications.

Priyam answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

I m over all slim but i have a bulged out belly. kindly advice how to get rid of it?

Healthy Diet along with Yoga and Massage helps in enhancing the circulation and toning up your body. Have good fibres , protein and fluids in your diet.

Hello Dr.P Ahuja, I would like to know how should we keep a healthy diet if we are on excessive travelling.

Hiroo if you travel a lot , its very important to get acquainted with the surroundings, prefer to choose the best available options for you, avoid foods suggestive of the words like deep fried, buttered, caramel, white sauce, ensure that you always carry fruits like apples along with you, carry granola bars , nuts, muesli, wheatflakes and protein bars which are healthy and provides satiety too, you can always stop for a subway with roasted chicken,olives vegetables and herb dressings in it, or prefer something less heavy like palak paneer in a restaurant. Grilled chicken, Tandoori Paneer are other picks. Buttermilk, fresh juice, cream cracker biscuits, muesli are always easily available options , always keep yourself hydrated, if you get too tired prefer to have vitamin C or more importantly Vitamin B complex to revitalize you and lastly Do not rely on the situation rather on your bag filled with nutrition is what I would suggest you as the best you can do to Stay Fit and enjoy traveling

I m overall slim, only problem is that after my c section 3 years back .. i still have bulged out belly which looks as if i m still ptregnant. kindly tell me what should i do to get rid out this bulged out belly ?

Start off with an exercise regime, its never too late. Follow a healthy diet regime and stay motivated , its only your motivation to get back in shape that will give you utmost results

All my sis seem to have thyroid can i have too?

Thyroid is a hormonal imbalance , Take care of your diet and exercise , and follow a healthy lifestyle , more importantly stay away from stress and dont worry.

Dr what is the best way yo lose weight yoga, walking, aero,gym

Weight loss should always be coupled with diet and exercise, in exercise always prefer cardio along with resistance training , Yoga is something that i would recommend you to do daily in the morning and can go ahead with proper resistance training along with stretching and slight aerobic activity in the evening

Dear dr.i have so far never gone for any medical checkups . no medical probs shd i go for 1.. all at home are forcing me to?

Regular Medical Check ups should be given utmost importance and should be preferred once a year , especially after the age of 30 , one should get one regularly checked to prevent any complication in life


Excess Sugar if un utilized definitely gets stored in the body, some healthy options that you can include in the diet are thick vegetable soups , stir fry vegetables, infact even Indian vegetable curries are good to have if we ensure that the oil used is less in the preparation , i prefer Olive pomace oil, you can have oats incorporated in any of your breakfast and evening recipes

Is there a plateau we reach when it comes to weight reduction and exercise?

Yes there is always a set point which our body recognizes as ideal for us

I have freckles and skin ruptures, my doctor blames it on irregularity in periods.. is there anything I can do

Yes, hormonal imbalance does have an effect even on your skin, consult your Gynac and follow her advice

Is whatever they say about junk food completely true?

Junk Food is considered to be something which is high in calories, in saturated alias bad fat and does not provide with with enough nutritional qualities. you can however, relish the pizza if prepared in a healthier way enhanced with more of fibre to it and more vegetables, similarly french fries and chips can rather be baked than deep fried, a subway with loads of veggies with herb dressings instead of mayonnaise dressings can prove to be better alternative

Hi, I am college student, I would like to know how long should someone diet to reduce weight?

I need to clear this that people often confuse the word DIET with something which they mean as skipping meals or following a regime to loose weight, however, ‘DIET’ is something which the entire World is always on,if you eat food you are on DIET, whether HEALTHY or UNHEALTHY is the consideration , One should always continue with healthy diet irrespective of whether one has achieved the weight loss or not

Is there a permanent solution to Diabetes after weight loss?

Diabetes stays with you for life long but you can always manage and live happily with it if you follow a healthy lifestyle

How does a lady with PCOD or Thyroid malfunction or hormonal imbalance lose weight?

Losing weight with hormonal imbalance is difficult but once you are motivated to go ahead , Yes, You can. All you need is patience to see your body’s response to your hard work, it might take longer time than it would to your friend who does not have hormonal imbalance. Remember 2 things : Follow the QQD appraoch, have small frequent meals , good quality carbs protein and fats and take care of the portions as well. Follow an exercise regime and one foodstuff that i would suggest you to start off with is Flaxseeds, nothing more than a spoonfull in the entire day, they will aid you in results

Eating breakfast is difficult for me, It take ages to digest while I have good appetite for lunch and dinner. help me out

Monisha Breakfast is the first meal of your day, if you feel too full after having a breakfast i would suggest you to reduce on the portion size, also I would like to know what exactly do you consume for breakfast, may be its just the appearance of the food that makes your mind trigger that you have had way to much food which might take long to digest, I would suggest you to have something like a soup bowl full of Slim Milk and may be a handfull of wheatflakes or muesli added to it. This I am sure you’ll agree would be way too light for you , and shall undoubtedly take care of your Health too !

What are some natural ways I can control my diabetes?

diabetes can be easily managed with healthy diet and exercise, some easy to make modifications shall be your breakfast: the first meal of your day, you can simply add Oats to the poha ,upma ,porridge, pancake you desire to have. Similarly you can either cut down on sugar or still relish the sweetness with natural sweetner ‘Stevia’ , add in fibre to your Diet with fresh fruits and vegetables and minimize the consumption of outside food. and the basic : have small frequent meals and stay Fit !

My dad has type 2 diabetes, so does that mean I’ll get it?

Not really, but a slight increased risk of developing Diabetes does exist as it is related to heredity, however, if you follow a healthy lifestyle you need not really worry about this risk.

What do you consider a rest day? Is it a day without weights, cardio, or both?

Dear Shivani Its a day when you do not physically over exert your muscles , you allow the muscle soreness to heal that day. Always remember too much in excess is never good, so always allow a good one full day for the body to rest, however, slight Yoga activity can definitely be performed on that day

I get really tensed and stressed up after everyday’s work and I start breathing heavily when am stressed up. How should I get it in control?

Stress is one of the major culprit too all the Health related disorders nowadays and hence I would request each and everyone to live life as smoothly as possible , leave the worries aside, leave the office work at office and feel the nature around. You need to give importance too your Heart before its too late, start off your day with YOGA … Meditate and chant the miracle word “OM” , and believe me you will feel the difference with time, Anulom Vilom is one of the best techniques to refresh your lungs, heart and soul from within. Also ensure that you do never skip meals cause of work pressure, whenever you get stressed , have some water or fruit juice(if available) and sit down , relax and meditate. ‘Take time to live … the world has so much to give!’

Is 30 minutes exercise everyday healthy ?

Yes, a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise keeps you healthy, refreshed and free from diseases if coupled with good diet and healthy lifestyle

How many hours of exercise should I do to keep myself fit?

Are you already exercising would be my first reaction to your question , if you are not, start off with 10 minutes of walk, then increase it to 20 minutes and then a minimum of 30 minutes of brisk walk is good enough to stay Healthy, however if your goal is to get FIT … Fitness comprises of not just one but 5 components : Cardio Endurance, Muscular endurance,Muscular Strength,Flexibility and Ideal body composition… to achieve all 5 , go ahead with Aerobic exercise along with resistance training, ensure that stretching is always a part of your warm up and cool down and take care of your pre and post workout meals.

I am 85 kilos and 5’6. How should I reduce? what are the health Risks of being overweight.

Dear Arjun Start off with a minute changes in your Diet and combine it with exercise, Follow my ‘QQD approach’ Quality Quantity and distribution of meals in the entire day , ensure that you have good fibre in your diet , coupled with good quality proteins and good quality fat, Always Consume breakfast rich in carbs and protein both and take charge of the portion size.Prefer small frequent meals. Have good fluids and ensure that if you are exercising you take care of the pre and post exercise meals too.

I’ve heard that alcohol is good for your heart. Is that true?

There are way too many things around us that are good for our Heart , the ample fruits and Vegetables to start off with however , people tend to oversee them but a slight importance if given to alcohol ignites questions in everyone’s minds , Well, I would never recommend Alcohol as something which is good for the Heart, in fact Heart and Brain are best friends and Alcohol has time and again proved too suppress our brain functioning, then how can Alcohol be Heart friendly either. However, if someone is to consume alcohol once a while , while socializing , I would suggest you to have Red wine over other options as it does have some antioxidant properties which wont harm the Heart.

How are healthy teeth and gums linked to heart health?

Healthy gums are Light Pink Firm and Elastic if there is gum disease its basically due to Bacteria from plaque built up,sometimes body might overreact to the bacteria and cause inflammation,now this too much of inflammation affects the bloodstream and might slowly damage the blood vessels of the Heart and Brain over a long time period, visit your dentist if you have Gum disease and take care of not just your oral health but your heart and brain too,in fact Get Fit holistically !

Hi..How do my dad start exercising after a heart health crisis?

After a Heart Health Crisis one should first allow the Heart muscles to heal , wait for 6 weeks, during this time help your Dad in lightly stretching the muscles and ensure that he moves slowly and start with caution ensuring that neither do he lift weights nor run at a high pace. Aerobic activity is the best to start with, prefer climbing 3-5 stairs and then walking for 5 minutes at a slow pace on flat surface. Once he gets used to it,he can increase the walking time to 10 minutes, ensure that he checks his heart rate often,later he can increase the walk time to 20 minutes and 30 minutes thereafter, always start with a warm up for 5 minutes then speed up and cool down for the final 5 minutes and ensure that he can still talk while exercising and is never short of breath.It might take up months to build endurance, only later shall he start with resistance training and then he can increase repetitions and increase weights thereafter. Ensure that never while exercising does he feels chest pain,sickness,nausea or short of breath,if he does ask him to stop the exercise there and then. Take Care !

Iam 52 Years old. My weigh is increasing and now my weight is 93 kg can you suggest what shoud I do to reduce my weight

In order to manage your increasing weight , Follow something which I call as the QQD Approach … That is taking care of the Quality , The Quantity and Distribution of the meals that you consume in the entire day , take care of the type of food you choose prefer fibrous over refined, good quality protein sources like egg , chicken lean cuts if you are a non vegetarian , if vegetarian prefer slim milk, low fat paneer, slim curd ; also take care of the portion size prefer to have 5-6 small frequent meals over large meals and have good amount of fluid consumption. start off with making minute changes in your diet and try getting used to it rather than changing the entire diet as a whole. You can Enhance your Fitness and Fat loss goal if you couple Healthy diet with Yoga or exercise … All the Best !