Healthy foods for women: Tripti Gupta

crop11_240x240_24nov14Tripti Gupta, a Post Graduate in Dietetics and Nutrition, has contributed over 14 years to the field of Nutrition and has incorporated her love for food along with her knowledge and experience in nutrition, to help achieve goals through simple and practical lifestyle corrections.

She has successfully catered to over 10,000 clients including bollywood stars, sports personalities, models and the likes in her career.

Ms. Gupta answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

Whether Bajra helps to reduce tummy ??
No food can help to reduce tummy, cutting down your fat intake is the only way. Avoid fatty foods, include exercise and eat healthy to reduce your tummy.

Hello Ms Tripti, I am 30 years weight 63 kg could you please suggest which veggies/fruits/pulses/Aata to include in daily menu to reduce belly fat.Appreciate your response.Thanks!
Dark green leafy and fibrous,veggies , seasonal fruits,whole pulses like moong, whole masoor and high fibre grains such as jowar, bajra are highly beneficial to consume on daily basis and fight the fat

Hi Ma’am, Could you please advise me on what foods to take for weight loss and good skincare? I’m 30 years old and would like to reduce weight as well as keep my skin healthy.
Consuming antoxidant rich foods in form of fruits, salads, fluids and plenty of green tea would be great for weight loss and healthy skin

Ma’am, What foods would you suggest for glowing skin? I have extremely dry and dull skin.
consuming nuts and oilseeds such pumpkin, sunflower seeds would nourish your skim. Omega 3 should also be taken in the form of flaxseeds and chia seeds to combat dryness. Extra virgin olives oil as salad dressing would help

Which is the best fruit for bone health?
Bone health comprises of Calcium, Magnesium , Potassium and Vitamin D. Bananas, Apples and Guavas would be the best choices.

Is it healthy to drink the ready to drink (packed) fruit juices that we get in market?
Packages juice are high on calories ad preservatives, hence best avoided

Some say to sip water with food and some suggest to have it after meals while some suggest to have water atleast half an hour of meals. What do you advise?
Depends in the fluid present in your meal at that time. If you have enough buttermilk and curries with your food then water may not be required, For those eating a dry lunch, some fluid is necessary for digestion.

I usually feel heavy if I have chana (Black or green grams) in dinner. Should channa be had only with lunch?
It totally depends on your body, what suits you is what you should eat. There is no proven result of what time chana digests best. Always listen to your body first

What changes in cooking can make foods easier to digest?
Anything over cooked will absorb better rather than partially cooked. Over cooking is not advised due to loss of nutrients , hence well cooked meals by ways of boiling , steaming, grilling, baking or roasting are healthy methods.

I am addicted to chocolates and chocolate flavours, but have been trying to reduce the intake since past few months. Are chocolates really bad for health?
Adding small amounts of cocoa will help here. Chocolates are again loading with artificial flavours, excess sugar and colour which are unhealthy to consume regularly

How often should one opt for a detoxifying diet?
Once every 3 months if frequently eating out , otherwise every 6 months is fine.

Good Morning Madam Tripti. What is a detoxifying diet?
Detoxifying diet is to eat to flush out the toxins from your intestines which cause bloating, weight plateaus etc. Consuming, seasonal fruits, vegetables , vegetable juices and plenty of water comprise as a large chunk of detox meals.

M’am is there a simple way to keep a calorie check on our daily diet?
A calorie check can be maintained by keeping a food diary whereby you can log in whatever you eat and calculate your calories using a calorie calculator online. As a thumb rule, oil, sugar and starch contribute to high calories which when avoided will keep your calories in check

Also pl give some tips to make nutritious food tasty.
Taste is in the seasonings you add with the form of cooking. Oil has no taste, use tomato gravies with a balance of your favorite spices and your dish tastes the same or even better.

Hello M’am, I am 32 yrs female. I usually get acidity in the mornings. Please name some food/ fruits/ dishes that cut down on acidity.
Cold skim milk , buttermilk, black raisins are know to kill acidity. Also your meal the night before can play havoc the next morning so correct your lifestyle, food choices and acid consumption.

Is the diet plan for weight loss of celebrities especially bollywood stars, different from a common male/female? What is the main diffrence?
Each one is human, the diets are same for all, the diet is adhered to lifestyle and availability to each individual which can be the only change. Health for all is the same

Hello Tripti, Pl suggest some foods that can help a female’s body overcome hormonal changes, that is during menses, mood swings, etc.
Omega 3 rich sources such as flaxseeds, chia seeds, nuts, deep sea fish are beneficial to combat the hormonal changes. soya and potassium rich foods may also help women during this period.

What is your opinion on a corn flakes diet which suggests corn flakes 3-4 times a day for weight loss?
Not at all Mannat, No mono diet is nourishing, always refrain from consuming a single food group diet, its gives you excess of one and deficiency of the rest causing major imbalances

What is that one healthy dish or food type that members of all age groups in a family should not ignore?
Today the missing group is fibre . It is the most essential food group in the form of salads, fruits , vegetables which should not be ignored

I like to eat 2 bananas everyday. Should I stop eating it if I am looking for weight loss?
Bananas are high calorie fruits , if we substitute with citrus fruits instead they would contribute to lesser calories and better wt loss

What is the best time to have fruits? Should it be before a meal or after or along with a meal?
Fruits are a separate meal altogether and should not be clubbed with any meals before , after or along with. These can be consumed as snack in between. however, first thing in the morning consming fruits works best for cleansing your intestines

Are all fried foods and packed foods available outside (not cooked at home) really harmful?
Yes , they have more damage than benefits

I usually do not eat fried foods, like bhajiyas or even parathas, but just wanted to know that how often in a month is it ok to have fried foods?
Fried foods as much avoided the better, occasional unavoidable consumption of a small quantity about once a month wont harm much

What is your advise on the consumption of protein shakes?
A good brand of whey protein supplement is healthy when advised in the right proportion as a supplement and not a meal replacement. Try to achieve your nutrients from natural healthy foods first, only if these don’t meet your needs should you supplement which won’t be harmful in controlled quantities.

Hi M’am I am vegan male-29yrs. I workout 5 times in a week in the gym after work in evenings.What is the best source of protein for me? And what is the right schedule and portion of having them?
Post workout consuming quick absorbing protein in the form of soya buttermilk or supplements of soya such as Ensure etc are healthy choices . One can also consume moong dal chilla or besan chilla as your protein source.

Besides fruits, what are the healthy alternatives to sweet foods?
Besides fruits , consuming dry fruits in the form of raisins, prunes, dates or cooking with jaggery , adding natural honey are the natural sugar replacements.

Is malai paneer fattening and should be completely avoided?
Yes, malai paneer should definitely avoided as it would contribute more to the fat than the nutritious protein. Homemade paneer made from los fat milk is the best form to be consumed.

Apart from flax seeds what other spices would you suggest M’am, that can be added to our every day foods, for good health?
Flaxseeds are not a spice, these are omega 3 rich oilseeds, spices such as cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, also herbs in the form of ginger and garlic are healthy for regular consumption.

What is the right method to cook green leafy veggies to avoid nutritional loss?
First of all clean leafys is essential, organic is even better. Par steaming or half steaming your greens is the best way to avoid any nutritional loss and at the same time kill the phytates and oxalates its raw form would offer.

I usually have light lunch but still feel a little bloated and sleepy after lunch. Is it because of the buttermilk I have with lunch? Pls advise what to have and what to avoid?
There could be many reasons, the quality of fibre you consume in your lunch is low, the light foods may be starchy which also leave you bloated and drop your concentration levels. Buttermilk may be getting excess post lunch. Also if your B12 levels are low you may tend to feel sluggish and sleepy

I am a working male and I usually cook my food myself at night and to make food nutritious I usually add soya chunks in whatever I cook. Is it advisable to have soyabean chunks frequently?
soyabean has been in controversy forever, soya chunks can be consumed to make food healthy occasionally but regular consumption for males is avoidable as it’s high phytoestrogens, isoflavones and goitrogens may not be a healthy choice for routine consumption,

Is it okay to have oat or atta noodles for breakfast every morning? I am really fond of noodles.
Noodles itself are not a healthy option. Each strand of noodle is coated with oil, whether they are whole wheat or full of vegetables they are not healthy. The processed high sodium, carb is best avoided and should be replaced with healthier options. Occassional consumption of whole wheat noodles can be followed to satisfy the taste buds.

Are all cookies rich in calories and should be avoided completely?
Yes Gauree, However low fat your cookies may be, they are loaded with trans fats, baking soda and maida which make them unhealthy almost close to junk foods. so avoid indulging in biscuits and cookies unless the other options are not available

What other types of snacks you suggest for people who want to lose weight?
Healthy snacks will be oats upma, brown rice poha, idlis, roti rolls, jowar or bajra khakras, homemade methi theplas, kurmura chana , fruits and salads

Hi M’am, I am vegan male age- 41 yrs, I find my non-vegan friend also aged 41 yrs more energetic than me. We both work in the sales field. Please suggest some foods, which makes vegans more energetic.
Dear Balakrishna, It may not be your veganism which leaves you feeling weak but your lifestyle, eat on time, balance your intake, include soya milk instead of dairy . tofu can also be added to your diet to enhance your protein consumption and leave you feeling stronger.

crop10_240x240_24nov14Does eating roasted chana everyday cause weight gain?
Eating roasted chana is healthy, weight gain could be an issue with any food item or calories going excess i.e more than what you need in that particular day. So if it is over and above your diet for the day yes it can become excess and store as fat. Otherwise chana is a healthy protein snack on the go.

Good afternoon Ms. Tripti, I want to know whether it is good to have peanuts (boiled) as snacks everyday?
Dear Gauree, Boiled peanuts are healthy but not recommended daily as they are concentrated sources of energy and may store as excess in the body if you are already following a balanced diet. Occassional consumption of any nuts and oilseeds is healthy to maintain balance so keep rotation to benefit from all.

And what is better to have for the required fat intake, pure ghee or peanut butter?
Pure ghee is saturated and better than peanut butter which is artificially processed

I have gone through various newspaper articles by different dietitians from time to time, some say dairy products are good for health while some disagree.What is your advise?
Dairy is healthy but today with the adulteration, external hormones injected in cows to produce milk and unhygienic packaging of milk is causing damage to health. If you are sure of your source of milk or using organic low fat milk then dairy is a healthy option and the only source of A Class Protein for vegetarians

Are both saturated and trans fat bad for health?
Saturated if consumed in controlled quantities are beneficial but processed fats like butter, cheese should be avoided due to the transfatty acid content.

What is the basic difference between saturated fat and trans fat?
Saturated fats are long chain fatty acids which is mostly ghee, trans fats are fatty acids produced as a byproduct of processing. Saturated fats can clog the arteries whereas trans fats are worst as they not only clog the arteries but also interfere with absorption of healthy fat and nutrients. Hence, beware of trans more than saturated

Hello Madam, I am a female-30yrs, I have some confusion regarding the necessary daily fat intake. How do I know how much fat to eat everyday or should it be on weekly basis?
Dear Sharmita, I you are consuming your regular healthy diet , the maximum healthy cooking fat or oil you may require is 2tsp a day which can be used for your cooking .Anything over and above that would be excess and stored. Don’t forget that all natural foods comprise of natural fats too.

I just cant enjoy eating brown rice and also find it heavier to digest, so what should be my right intake of basmati rice on daily basis? I am a normal woman aged 44yrs.
If Brown rice is not suiting you , then kolam rice would be a better option . Also identify if you are allergic to certain food groups as it’s a growing concern in people today.

Is rice bran oil better for health or olive oil for daily use?
Rice Bran Oil is known as the Indian olive oil today. Indians prefer consuming rice bran oil as it’s more cost effective , does not alter the taste in food and it’s nutritional benefits are closest to olive oil. However, olive oil should be your first choice when it comes to health.

Does coconut oil consumption good to boost metabolism?
Coconut oil consumed in it’s extra virgin form in small amounts is healthy. No proven results to boost metabolism though. Besides coconut oil is rich omega 6 which is also present abundantly in our regular meals so it may not be required by our system and become excess.

What are the most nutritious foods for women that can be added in our everyday diet?
Dear Nalika, Most nutritious foods especially for women would be foods rich in estrogen such as soya, nuts ,oilseeds etc, Omega 3 is also a very essential food group for women which keeps menstrual cramps at bay, regulates cycles and avoids hot flushes approaching menopause.

My son aged 9yrs has a very bad habit of asking for noodles everyday. He refuses to eat other foods if denied with noodles. How to help him to get rid of this habit?
First thing you can begin with is talking to your son explaining to him what noodles are made up of and how they are not healthy. then for some time and gradually replace the maida noodles with healthier whole wheat noodles maybe 3 times a week Other replacements like whole wheat homemade Frankies can be introduced as well to gradually wean him off.

Is drinking coconut water, first thing in the morning, very good for health?
Not necessarily, first thing in the morning plain water is far better than any other form of fluid. People suffering from hypertension could benefit from coconut water though, as it is high in potassium and has blood pressure lowering effects.