Heart diseases set to fall in India

There is good news on the health front. A leading cardiologist says incidents of heart disease in India are set to plateau in seven to eight years and then fall due to greater awareness about a healthy lifestyle and more effective drugs.

`People are cutting down on salt intake, a development that is sure to bring down now rampant cases of high blood pressure,` Vinay Sanghi, who is from the Fortis Escorts Hospital said.

`More patient friendly medication with few side effects is also now available,` he said. `People also understand the necessity of exercising every day.

`All these three factors should cut down the number of those who face the risk of heart ailment,` said Sanghi, who returned to India after serving in the US from 1995 to 2010.

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Heart disease is considered a sign of prosperity, mostly accruing to those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, devoid of even giving minimal exercise to their body.

Heart diseases have now become the number one killer in India, replacing communicable diseases from that slot. A quarter of those who get heart attacks are in the 25-69 age group.

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Increasingly, heart ailments are killing Indians both in urban and rural areas, although the fatalities are more in cities and towns.

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