Heat Stroke: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

3-240x240-5mayWhat is heat stroke?
Heat stroke is the state in which the temperature of the human body start rising. The mechanism of human body is that the the heat withdraws from the body in the form of sweat. But during heat stroke the body loses its ability to cool itself. when the temperature of human body rises it is usually called fever of heat whereas in heat stroke the temperature of the body rises rapidly but it is very difficult to maintain it again to normal.

Heat stroke can lead to: –

  1. Heat stroke is caused by excessive sunlight or heat.
    Dehydration, imbalance in Thyroid, fall in sugar level in blood in the body give birth to heat stroke
  2. Alcohol consumption, medicines for high blood pressure, treatment of depression, etc. may also sometimes leads to heat stroke.
  3. Some other reasons of heat stroke includes put on excessive clothes, blockage in sweat glands or any heart disease.

Symptoms of Heat stroke: –

  • Headache
  • Feeling uneasy
  • Dryness in nose and skin
  • Excessive sweating
  • Muscle ache and Weakness
  • Vomiting
  • Rise in Blood pressure
  • Feeling drowsiness
  • Change in behavious and irritation

According to Dr. Raman Sharma, Shri Bala Ji action Action Cancer Hospital Medical Institute, suggests that in order to prevent heat stroke one should stop the consumption of alcohol this summer. Instead of that one should eat fruits like watermelon, lemonade, coconut water, curd, etc. By consuming all these food one can prevent heat stroke.

Carelessness in eating and drinking impure water can cause diarrhea. Therefore one should boil water before drinking and avoid street food as well. Parents should teach their children to drink lots of water in school as well as in the house. And if any person is suffering from heat stroke then he should take a cold shower and a wet towel should be placed under his abdomen.

Follow these during summers:-

  • Soak coriander in water and then grind it. Mix it with sugar and consume it with water will also protect you from heat strokes.
  • Soak fenugreek leaves in water whole night and than mix it with honey and consume it in interval of 2hrs.
  • Excessive usage of onions
  • If above remedies will not help to recover, than consult a doctor immediately

Prevention measures from Heat stroke: –

  • Consumption of Juice of unripe green mangoes and tamarind helps to stable the temperature of body. And these are considered as very useful and effective at the time of heat strokes. Coconut water is also not less than nectar in heat strokes.
  • Avoid wearing excessive or tight clothes. During heat stroke Wrap the body of patient in wet piece of clothes if the temperature of the body is not stable.
  • Consume water, juice, glucose as much as possible.
  • Mixture of Plum pulp in cold water is also proved very effective at the time of heat stroke.
  • Basil and coriander is also very beneficial in heat strokes.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, use umbrella, cap, scarf to avoid direct sunlight.

According to Ayurvedcharya Dr. Pratap Chauhan, heat stroke is the state in which the temperature of the body increases due to excessive sun or heat. Due to extreme heat or temperature there is lot of sweating and due to heat stroke the body loses its ability to cool itself. When the human body temperature increases then it is termed as fever however in heat stroke the temperature of the human body increases but does not cool down easily.

Health and Diet:-

  • Consume water as much as possible during summers and also add little salt to it to remain safe from lack of iodine.
  • Avoid heavy food which is deep fried or roasted, and try to eat light food and lots of liquid diet in daily routine.

Things to be remember:-

  • Always keep Umbrella, water, glucose, sun glasses with you while going somewhere outdoor during summer. It will help you from direct sun light.
  • If you are planning to go somewhere during summer vacation, try to avoid hot places and always keep lemon water or glucose water with you
  • Usage of sunscreen lotion, face wash during summers will be beneficial for your skin.