Here’s how to slay the bridal look on your D-Day with 5 easy tips!

We all recently witnessed the most anticipated wedding of the year with Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma taking the nuptials.

As soon as the #Virushka wedding pictures were out, the fans were left awestruck by Bollywood’s leading lady Anushka Sharma, who slayed the bridal avatar.

Besides, staying calm, looking gorgeous and putting her best face forward, the diva certainly outshined the wedding glow with whisk.

While it is a race against time for the bride-to-be, the anxiety and pressure can take a toll on her mental and physical health.

Therefore, apart from hiring the best makeup artist in order to nail your bridal look, every bride-to-be also needs to give utmost priority to her health to look her beautiful best and revel in the wedding ceremonies.

Need tips on being a healthy bride-to-be? Here’s a list of five tips for the quintessential wedding glow by DocsApp’s Dr. M Sudha, Dermatologist DDVL – Dermatology:

Eat healthy

To ensure you get a luminous glow just in time for your wedding, your healthy eating rituals must begin well in advance. What you eat shows on your skin; therefore, follow a proper and healthy diet regime that consists of high-quality protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes. Eat citrus fruits like oranges for Vitamin C. Try and avoid all sugary, starchy foods and do not opt for an overly strict and rigorous diet, which may actually increase stress and could even lead to weight gain.

Include fruits in your daily diet

Instead of grabbing a cheese burger or a shawarma roll after you are done with your wedding shopping, carry a fresh fruit bowl with you so that you’re sorted when the hunger pangs hit. Give up on junk food and stay away from carbonated beverages. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to get that natural glow and an all-clear complexion. Such a diet will also boost your immunity, ensuring you don’t fall prey to colds, flu or other infections during your wedding celebrations.

Catching forty winks is essential

Well, night maybe the ideal time for you to peacefully do all the homework on your bridal attire, decorations, food, gifts, etc. But, do not give up on your eight-hour sleep schedule. Nothing can beat the health kick that an eight-hour sleep gives. It is while you sleep in the night that your skin is busy repairing itself and generating new cells to replace the old ones. Therefore, sleep well to get glowing skin every morning.

Never skip breakfast

Skipping the most important meal of the day can result in binge eating later. If you’re planning to lose weight and get into shape, then skipping breakfast can break your slimming goals. So, ensure that you do not skip breakfast and include fruits, shakes/smoothies, sandwiches, eggs to give you the required dose of energy for the entire day.

Fuel your fitness

This may be the time you are under a lot of stress with a hundred decisions to be made for the D-Day. Well, this can have negative effects on your skin and health. The best way to beat stress, maintain glowing skin and secure your immunity is to exercise regularly or to practice yoga and meditation. This is sure to make a big difference on your overall health and give your face a glow that you can’t get from any cosmetic product!

Source: ANI
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