High BP is risk factor for heart attacks: Dr. Pavan Kumar

Dr. Pavan Kumar is leading cardiac surgeon and head of department of cardiovascular surgery at Nanavati Hospital and honorary consultant cardiac surgeon at Lilavati Hospital and other prestigious hospitals of Mumbai. He has extensive experience of over 26 years in field of adult cardiac surgery and specialises in coronary bypass surgery, heart valve repair/replacement surgery and other complex heart operations .

He has performed over 10000 such operations till date and credited to be safest heart surgeon in Mumbai with success rate of above 99.5%. His other area of interest is Telemedicine. He is founder of Telemedicine centre at Nanavati hospital, which is largest telemedicine service provider in western India. The centre has won many prestigious national awards under his leadership.

Dr. Pavan Kumar answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

Sir , I gone under Angiplasty in year 2009 march . blockage was in two artery . I am taking the medicine storvass , cervovin , metlorx 25 & cardec -5 . Are these medicine would take in long life or can reduce .

Normally blood thinners like Ceruvin & cholesterol reducing medicine like storvas will continew life long. Cardace & Metolar may get removed after consulting your cardiologist.

I am 36yrs male suffering from high blood pressure.What kind of risk factors do you see for me?

Yes. High blood pressure is risk factor for heart attacks.

Greetings Doctor. How much do our genes stand responsible for any kind of heart disorder?

Yes. It is important contributing factor. Coronary disease runs in families.

Why is it Sir that heart attacks are more common in men as compared to women?

Because of their risk factors and lack of hormonal protection

What is the age group in men who are more prone to heart attacks?

30’s onwards

What type of exercises do u suggest Sir, outdoor or indoor for a healthy heart?

20 min. walk per day

I am 29yrs male. I jog 4 times a week on treadmill. Is this enough for a healthy heart?


Is it true that women might witness severe first heart attacks as compared to men?Thanks

No. Not true.

I am a female aged 43yrs.I want to know whether women are prevented from heart diseases bcoz of estrogen?


Are there any preventive measures against heart disease after menopause?

Oral hormone therapy

Then does the risk of cardiac disease increase once a lady achieves menopause?


I am 43yrs female. I want to know whether a woman is protected from heart diseases because of estrogen?


I have bicuspid iotic valve.what precaution i have to be taken?

Prevent any oral infection leading endocarditis. Ultimately this valve will require replacement.Yearly follow-up by Echo is important .

Sir, It is said that at least 30 minutes of brisk walking every day early in the morning is a must to keep the heart healthy. I walk nearly 3 to 4 kms in my office I climb stairs, walk for a good lot of distance. Is this sufficient

Yes. Very nice

Are there any symptoms for the increasing cholesterol in the body?

Yes. You may develop skin deposits (white) below eyes called as xenthelesma.

What are the basic foods that increase the cholesterol level in a person?

Oil rich foods will increase cholesterol levels

I want to know what is cholesterol in simple words.

It is fat circulating in your blood

Does diet play an important part in the development of a heart disease?

Yes very important role

Hello Doctor. How is coronary heart disease diagnosed?

Heart disease is diagnose by cardiac evaluation on a patient who has a chest pain or routine cardiac check up which include exercise test. Now days coronary scan angio also good investigation to know about coronary artery disease.

Sir,tell me cases of heart diseases.and if pain occurs in side left chest,it means its a pain of heart.

Yes. what is your age chest pain on exertion will suggest heart disease.You should undergo cardiac check up which include exercise test.

Dear Doctor, Will a kid with pediatric cardiac surgery (VSD) done have a normal life expectancy like any other kids? how to make sure a longer and healthier life for kids after a Pediatric cardiac surgery?

Yes. This kid will have normal life span .

Are there any risks that revolve around heart valve repair or replacement?

Not in good expert hands.

How can one overcome the fear of cardiac surgery?

by facing it bravely

Apart from coronary bypass surgery are there any other treatments for narrowed or blocked arteries?

Yes. coronary angioplasty

I have heard of Telehealth as well. How is Telehealth different from Telemedicine Doctor?

Todays talk is on heart surgery . this we will take -up later with help of sify.com

I want to know as to how does Telemedicine work?

Not related to todays talk

Sir I have heard that stair climbing is advised for good heart health. How often should we practice this & how many floors a day?

Yes. As many you can.

Sir I sometimes experience little chest pain when I walk briskly or climb higher floor. Why does this happen?

How old are you .please get cardiac check-up done if you are more than 30 yrs old.

How is stroke different from heart attack Doctor? Regards.

Stroke is usually related to brain related paralysis

My elder sister 53yrs expired 4 months back due to sudden stroke.She had a tumor removal operation prior to this.Are surgery & stroke related?

quest is not clear – which stroke – brain or heart ?

Hello Dr.Pavan. Are there any warning signs of Stroke?

Do you mean heart stroke.please specify.

Doctor now a days we see even youngsters getting heart attacks.First it was seen only after 40-45yrs. Why is it so?

Because youngsters are living bad life style eating junk food.

How often can one eat fried foods in a week to maintain a good health? Thanks for the answers Sir.

No fried food allowed.

What amount of oil would you advise in the daily diet to control blood pressure?

4 TSF of olive oil every day.

Can one stop eating salt once or twice a week to control blood pressure instead of curbing the intake daily?

No reduce your salt intake everyday.

Is beer good for heart health? If yes then how much consumption is advisable?

No . No drinking is a rule

I have heard that consumption of alcohol twice or thrice a week reduces heart disease risk. True?

No. who told you that.

I am 26yrs male. I do smoke occasionally. How does smoking affect one’s heart?

Yes. You will develop coronary artery disease in later in your life.

What actually causes valvular heart disease?

Rheumatic oropheryngeal infection by streptococcus bacteria.

Can you advise on how to take care of the valve?

avoid oral infections & periodic cardiac check-up

How much time does it take one to get back to normal activities after heart valve repair or replacement?

6 weeks

Am 40 yrs old, when I climb steps for 2 floors itself, I breathe v fast and feel a little discomfort , what could be the reason ?

You should get cardiac check up done.

sir, can you please explain me healthy diet to avoid heart disease ?

Please visit my website : www.heartsurgeonindia.org

After miocardial infraction and after having done angioplasty four years back the pumping capacity is low. EF 39% only what can be done?

You can send all the reports to me . We can look into your present status.

sir meri oct 2012 main angioplasty main artery main 90% blockage ki vajah se hui thi or 1 stent dala tha mera weight 94 tha ab 84 hai kya main kabhi kabhi jis din kuch heavy ya bahar ka food khana padta hai to o-stat (orlistat) le sakta hoon

what is orlistat ?

Sir, please explain how do we face a sudden heart attack? What are the handy tips to keep the person in control till he reaches the hospital?

Its a long question requires long answer please email me on drpavan7@gmail.com or visit website. www.heartsurgeonindia.org

I read today that weight gain effects heart health tremendously, can you please elaborate on this?

Yes. weight gain is usually fat gain.

How is India’s success rate in terms to heart surgeries when compared to other countries?

In good hospitals and expert hands it is equal to international rates.

Good afternoon Doctor. What are the different risks that usually revolve around any kind of heart surgery?

There are many. You can here video lecture following this.

I am a male 23yrs. I am studying as well as working. My lifestyle is really hectic as I am into marketing. How should I care for my heart’s health?

Balance your lifestyle.

Does stress take a slow toll on one’s heart?

Yes. 100% true