High fiber diet reduces gas problems: Dr.Komal Chavan

Dr Komal Chavan is a consulting gynaecologist, obstetrician and infertility specialist. She has specialised in high risk and emergency obstetrics, adolescent health care and family planning.

She is currently the medical director at Chavan Maternity and Nursing Home in Mumbai.

Dr Komal answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exlusive chat. Read the transcript below

it has been over 1 and half yr ,i have been married.my wife have gone through 4 miscarriages during this period.she has abnormal harmonal balance and also doctor says her uterus is thin so she needs an operation.
According to me 4 miscarriages in a one and a half year means pregnancies are occuring too frequently. You need give a gap between pregnancies for her physical condition to revert back to normal. I would suggest plan a pregnancy with a gap of 6-8 months. And also do a ultra sound after 6-8 months.

Madam, My wife is suffering from PMS (i think so) since 4 month (all symptoms showing PMS). Could you suggest any treatment/medicines Thanks & Regards Satya
You have done a lot of research. Please confirm your diagnosis from a Doctor. If required they will advice medicines. A lot PMS cases are treated with dietary and lifestyle modifications.

hi i’m 40 yrs old & pacemaker pt frm 3 years. hv 1 daughter 15ys old.since 2 to 3 mnths i ‘m not hvng regular periods.have a cop T 4 more than 5 to 6yrs bk i wnt for chkup last 2yrs bk & doc said ok. almst an yr i’m nt with him as he’s out of station.
If you don’t require a regular contraception the cop T could be removed.

Im 31yrs&detected with blocked right fallopian tubes due to scar tissue of acute PID last sep. Im trying to conceive last 2yrs.my gynic suggests to go for IVF.But pain in right side is still persistant.Should i go for IVF or look for treatment for PID?
You need to treat your PID first and then consider IVF. You are 31 yrs, you still have time.

doctor , advised my wife is that she must bed rest for 2 month ( 3rd month now ) still she do some work like cooking and other work ,, is that anything bad happen to her pregnancy
She has to go as per the Doctor’s advice. Work in normal pregnancy is Ok but if she has been advised rest, she should take it.

Am 39 year old, one 5 year old daughter, how good are my changes of trying for another child at this age ? will the child be healthy
You can plan but you need to the ultra sound and triple marker test as soon as you get pregnant and take preconceptional Folic acid.

39 year old, mother of 5 year old From very long time my menstrual cycle is around 24 days For the last few months my cycle is 20 days with normal bleeding Please help me to regularize to atleast 25 days as its very difficult as I am a working
You cannot modify the menstural cycle duration. As of now its coming with a normal duration of 20 days with normal bleeding. You need not worry. If required see an expert. Take some iron supplements like tab OROFER XT ( 1 daily)

my wife is having veginal TB & is on med. & dr said she needs 2 tk med for 9 months. will she be fine after that? Will she be able to be pregnant in between?
TB medicines when taken show very good results. She would be fine, you can plan pregnancy after completing her treatment and not before that.

can be sex diseases prevented by using cu.T

I am 37yrs old and keep getting pimples, acnes on my private area every now and then, some gets healed but some grows big and gets puss inside and is very painful too. I apply surfaz SN these days. Now a days it has got some foul smell. pls advise
You need to see a Doctor immediately and take some oral antibiotics. Don’t self medicate.

Madam my husband is not able to sustain his penis for long time can it be can know as ed n will there be any problem in my conceiving baby.
Your husband needs to see a Urologist. You can try IUI as another option.

I am recently married nov 8. My period date was 28 last month but i did not had still, usually it happens with a 1 o2 days before or after but stil now i didnt can u tell if i m positive for the baby.
You are too anxious for your pregnancy. You may be !! Get a home pregnancy test done or see a Doctor.

I am a 41 yrs old woman and planning to marry next month. Please let kemknow whether I can conceive and become mother. I am still mensurating.
Yes you can!!

I am a 47 years old man with good health and marrying a 42 years old woman. Please let me know whether my wife can become mother. She is also in good health and slim.
She can get pregnant. Medical science has got very advanced. If she is regularly getting her periods I don’t think it should be a problem.

Hello Madam, What are the chance of getting pregnant with Clomid. I really want to get pregnant….
Chances of getting pregnant are good. Clomid is only for the egg to grow. Monitoring your cycle and going to an expert would help.

I’m Surajit, 34 from Guwahati, Assam. My wife is 26. We r trying for last 2 years without success. We consulted Gyno and Urologist. Semen analyses, hormone tests, Transvaginal ultrasound, etc hav been done. Can’t afford IVF. Please suggest.
You could keep trying for atleast another 5 yrs. Take a second opinion. Consider an adoption.

Doctor, I am a mother of 5 years old child. I do not have regular periods. From October 2012 onwards I did not have regular periods. my age is 38 yrs old. please suggest me what to do
You need a proper hormonal work up. And you need to take medication to regularize your periods. Get yourself examined.

Respected Mam, Kindly tell me how much quantity of sperm is required in 1 mg of semen for pregnancy and what we take to increase our sperm quantity.
Actually 8-80 million per ml is normal. But only one is required for conception. You have to avoid smoking, alcohol and also avoid hot areas.

You have not mentioned her age. So it would be difficult to suggest any medication for her. As she is diabetic avoid hormonal medicines.

My wife got laproscopy last year she is 33 years , doctors are telling that her eggs are not getting matured as required for fertilization , Please suggest us !!
Stimulation of eggs with increasing dose of medicines could help her. You will have to keep trying. You will get results.

My wife (46) is regularly taking Telmisartan 40 + Amlodipine 5 alongwith Thyrox 25. The symptoms are under control with the medicine. Her BMI is 27. Can she take any contraceptive pills and if so please suggest any medicine
At 46 yrs usually contraception is not required as the ovarian functions are minimum. Also if required you can use condoms.

Hi Doc, I am 40 years old. My menstrual cycle is 24-26 days but from past 3 months I have been having irregular periods. Now cycle has been 40-45 days and periods continued for almost 2 weeks. Do I need to see a doctor personally
Yes you need to see. Also it could be because you are in perimenopausal age group.

Last month we take a chance for pregnancy its not done wat we do
Try again!! All the best! And don’t lose hope!

Madam happy Makarsankranti.I have my period stopped since last 5-6 years.But some time i used to see scanty bleeding, ie. negligible.I don’t have diabetic tendency but my sex appetite have reduced to zero.Can u advise
I do not know your age. As you sound post menopausal such problems are common. You need complete examination and switch over to some yoga or physical exercises which should help you.

i feel much itching & whiteness in my vaginal portion . kindly suggest me.
Hygiene is necessary. Avoid a harsh soap over the area. And drink lots of water. Get yourself examined.

Dear Doctor, I am 34, married female. for last 2-3 months, my period gets extended usually i have 5 days but for 2 -3 months they ends up around 7 days. Moreover i feel pain in my left side of lower waist during intimation. Kindly advice.
That may be normal seeing your age. Get yourself examined. You may having a left side ovarian cyst which can cause period irregularity also.

my wife is 22 yr old and we have one yr old married life. she is suffering from irregular period (30-34 days interval ) with heavy bleeding and pain for 5-7 days. during n after period weakness and irritation also having.plz guide.
She needs to see an expert and an ultrasound needs to be done. If the pain is more she can take tab Meftal Spas, one three times a day during menses only.

I am 26 years old and one 3 yrs daughter but last 1 years iam facing thyroid problem that time to my monthly menses problem is continue. After 4/5 month one time so please madam give some advise or any medicine.
Thyroid is increasing your period problems. So you need to correct your thyroid levels. And medicines would be advised depending on your hormonal levels.

Dr. Komal, Happy new year to you. Is fibroid in utreous problematic in future?? I am 40 and recenr ultrasound revealed a fibroid maesuring 1.5 com is present. I ger heavy periods though they are reggular. Please suggest a viable suggestion.
Happy New Year to you too. You are 40 yrs and a fibroid of 1.5 cms should not be a problem. If the periods are really very heavy then you would require a treatment. Otherwise there is no need to worry about it.

I had 2 c-sections in 2002 and 2004. I developed large anterior rectocele and had difficulty in bowel movements since 2008. I heard this can be corrected through proper body postures and exercises. I would like to avoid surgery. Please advise.
Any exercise will only decrease the further aggravation of your problem but will not completely cure. So surgery would be required.

Hi I am suffering from PCOD and harmonal imbalance de to which my weight constantly increases. Is there any treatment to control this??
Yes there is treatment. You will have to lose weight. And also consult a FDoctor who will advice you regarding the treatment.

my husband is working abroadand he is coming in a weeks time. i want to take some contraceptive measures to prevent pregnency. please suggest me the right contraceptive. iam 29 years old mother of 2 kids.
For married woman with 2 kids, INTRAUTERINE device as a long term contraceptive is advisable. And if the husband is coming for a short duration a barrier ( Condom) can be used.

my wife being suffered from ectopic pregnancy 3yrs back and she dont have left tube..her treatment is going on last 1year ..now doctor said LH is not normal and eggs are also not getting rupture.what to do
She has one functioning tube. You will have to continue with the treatment for ovulation induction. If not successful then she can try IVF or Donor egg.

After birth of second child(ceasarian) ,my wife facing frequent Gas problems.
Gas problem is not related to Caesarian section. Dietary modifications like having a high fibre diet could help.

if FSH level is 80+ at 30 yrs of age, what is the possibility of getting pregnant.
Only FSH level cannot indicate the chances of pregnancy. You need to do other hormonal investigations as well to know the chances of pregnancy.

Is it Safe to take Misepristone Tabs to terminate pregnancy by patients directly? If yes wht is the dosage to be followed. Kindly advice
It is not safe to take Misepristone Tabs without Doctor’s advice. There could be serious side effects.

I have a fibroid on the mouth of Uterus, what do u suggest to get rid of it? Secondly, what is vaginal infection? What r symptoms and cure for it?
The size of the fibroid is not mentioned..however it requires removal if its giving you problems…so you need to see an expert asap. Vaginal infection is a foul smelling abnormal discharge from the vagina. Cure depends upon the type of infection.

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