High-protein diet reduces hunger in obese

Dietary protein reduces hunger and increases fullness in overweight men during weight loss programmes, a study says.

Diets `containing 18 to 35 percent of daily calorie intake from dietary protein, are associated with reductions in hunger and increased fullness throughout the day and into the evening hours,` said Heather Leidy, study author and professor in nutrition at the University of Missouri.

`In our study, the two groups ate either 25 or 14 percent of calories from protein, while the total calories and percent of calories from fat stayed the same between the higher-protein and normal-protein diet patterns,` the journal Obesity quoted Leidy as saying.

Switch to proteins for weight loss

Leidy and associates also conducted an eating frequency sub-study in which a group of participants on both normal- and higher-protein diets consumed either three or six meals per day.

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