Holi colours are harmful to skin: Dr.Siddhi Chavan

Dr. Siddhi Chavan is a consulting dermatologist and cosmetologist practicing in Dr. Minal’s Dermatherapie Centre, Mumbai.

She specializes in clinical dermatology which includes disorders of the skin, hair and nails, cosmetic dermatology including Botox and fillers, laser for hair reduction, pigmentation, acne scars, tattoo removal and anti aging, and dermato-surgery which includes removal of skin tags, moles and cysts.

Siddhi answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

I am having black spots (marks) on my face due to some infection. Now the infection is clear but mark left as such. Any cream that you suggest for this?

You can start using a retinoid based night cream and a sunscreen in the day

Hi im a male and work for a software company, due to long sitting hrs i have an itching problem along with rashes on the skin around the butt. Is this a kind of allergy ? if so please suggest some remedies for this

It may be a fungal infection. kindly visit a skin specialist

How to prevent premature greying of hair?

You cannot prevent it. its genetic in origin. antioxidants may help to slow down the graying

I am based at south India and touring extensively to different part of TN,Kerala,AP,Pondicherry. During the last 1 n half year I am loosing hair.Pl.advise how to stop fall. Jeetendra Kumar

Stress can take a toll on your hair. its important to determine the exact cause of your hairloss. in the meanwhile take a protein rich diet and keep our scalp clean

I am a male aged 45 yrs. My skin type is normal but is sensitive to changes. How can I improve and treat the skin which is sensitive to climate and environment?

Use a gentle cleanser about twice a day, sunscreen in the morning and an anti aging moisturizer at night. a good skin routine goes a long way in maintaining the skin.

Do natural holi colours also harm one’s skin and hair?

Yes. apply a sunscreen before going out and oil your hair. wash off the colour with a gentle soap. do not rub off the colour and moisturize your skin.

Is it true that moles relate to one’s health?

Moles are harmless unless there is rapid increase in their size, they bleed or if you have a family history of skin cancer.

What is the difference between pimple and acne?

Its the same

Do all pimples leave permanent scars?

No. not if the treatment for pimples is started early. avoid squeezing them

My wife is suffering from allergy for past 3 years; itching occurs only in the hand fingers only, it bleeds, pls suggest the treatment, thanks

She may be suffering from hand dermatitis. avoid frequent water and soap exposure , moisturize well and for more specific treatment kindly take her to a skin specialist

I am having lots of acne . I tried 1. ACMED face wash (contains 2 % salylic acid. 2. Oriflame tea tree oil. Please suggest me best cream/lotion to make my skin clear. Further i have many big and small pores how can i rid off.

You may need oral or topical vitamin A based treatment. its best if you visit a skin specialist.

How safe are tattoos for skin?

Tattoos can be safe if done using sterile techniques. follow a good post procedure routine to avoid infections and other complications.

What should be considered before a botox session?

The indications for which you are getting it done, avoid aspirin, vit E and other blood thinners before doing the procedure and get it done from a qualified dermatologist.

Is there an age limit to go foe botox treatment?

No. botox can be done irrespective of age. it has to be done for the right indication.

Is premature aging related to one’s inherited genes?

Yes. also lifestyle changes. include antioxidants in your diet.

What ingredients should I look for in a good quality hair oil?

Hair oil is used to condition your scalp and hair. so a non greasy, non sticky oil works well. plain coconut oil can be used.

My hand and toe nails are prone to break easily, what is the remedy?

Improve protein and biotin intake in your diet, avoid frequent hand washing, moisturize yours hand and nails regularly, and avoid improper manicure tecniques.

What type of face wash works well for 1) oily skin 2) dry skin How good are chemical peels for skin?

A foam or gel based facewash for oily skin and a cream based one for dry skin works well. chemical peels can be used to reduce the oiliness, tan, pigmentation and improve the texture of your skin

Is facial essential to get rid of black heads?

No. use a salicylic based face wash or a night cream. or you could get chemical peels done to reduce their frequency

What is the best way to get rid of moles?

Moles are best left untouched cause they may recur. if still you want to get rid of it , it can be excised or removed by cauterization

What are microdermabrasion products?

Microdermabrasion or skin polishing is use of aluminium oxide crystals or diamond head to exfoliate dead skin. now a days microdermabrasion powders are available in the market but they should not be used daily and only if recommended by a specialist

What is more effective and more advisable to prevent aging of skin or wrinkles, anti aging creams/ointments or cosmetic procedures like botox?

Cosmetic procedures like botox give you instant results, fractional resurfacing gives you long term results. anti aging creams by itself are not effective ,they can be used as adjuvants. so the procedures need to be customized according to one’s needs

How to prevent and treat rashes and sunburn in Summer?

Avoid using harsh soaps, use a sunscreen whether you are indoors or outdoors, you can apply calamine lotion to soothe the rash, wear protective clothing, use umbrellas,caps or scarfs

I have very thin and weak hair. How can I improve it Dr. Siddhi?

The cause for your thinning needs to be examined first. in the meanwhile take a protein rich diet and keep your scalp clean.

I have developed immense dry hair after colouring. Any tips?

Use a shampoo and conditioner specific for coloured hair. oil it atleast once a week and take a diet rich in protein.

Hello Dr.Siddhi, At times i suffer from rashes on my back or itching while sleeping during the night. Also, there are some small pimples on my back. Please suggest as what can be done. Is it due to any Allergy?

Pimples on the back are due to sweating or dandruff. use a retinol based night cream for the pimples. as regards to the rash it needs to be examined.

On stomach no of boils has come why?

It needs to be examined. are u diabetic ?

Nail of my wife is became black after painfor two days

Has she injured her nail. it needs to be seen for specific treatment