Home remedies to reduce cholesterol

Natural or home remedies are very popular for various illnesses.

Every region has its own home remedies – some tried and tested, others mere hearsay or experimental, having come down to us over the years from our grandparents’ times.

Being in India, we have alternative cures and home remedies for illnesses as varying as a simple cold to cancer thanks to our herbs and spices, condiments and exotic vegetables handed down to us through the centuries.

Though these are not complete remedies by themselves, they certainly complement the benefits if used in conjuncture with a healthy diet and reduce cholesterol.

How to reduce cholesterol in the Indian diet

Lady’s finger: The gooey texture of lady’s finger is the rich fibre that can reduce cholesterol and blood sugar. Soak couple of slit raw lady’s finger into two in half a glass of water overnight. Next day drink the water and eat the lady’s finger first thing in the morning.

Methi and coriander seeds: Grind an ounce of the dry seeds. Mix a tablespoon of it with a glass of water and have it at bedtime.

Garlic: Eat a raw clove every morning on empty stomach. Use garlic while cooking as much as possible.

Curry leaves: In Kerala, we make a dry chutney called ‘veppila katti’ – So rich in antioxidants and fibre! A simple version of this is to dry fry a bunch of curry leaves with coriander seeds, jeera/cumin and a little methi/fenugreek seeds. Then grind them into a coarse powder. At the table, mix a spoon of this with a spoon of olive oil and have it as an accompaniment to rice or rotis instead of pickles or chutney. Don’t have time for veppila katti? Then just eat up the curry leaves found in your dishes.

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Cinnamon tea: Cinnamon tea is popular in the Middle East. The Chinese too use cinnamon for various diseases or conditions. Simmer a stick of cinnamon in water for about 10 minutes. Drink this once or twice a day. Cinnamon is believed to lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

Nuts and seeds: Have an ounce of nuts or seeds daily instead of some other snack.

Fibre: Make a cup of oat porridge in water and increase the fibre by adding a tablespoon of wheat bran or a teaspoon of psyllium. Very effectively reduces cholesterol.

Parvathy R Krishnan

The author is a trained Nutrition & Dietetics expert with over 20 years’ of experience in hospitals like Vijaya Hospital in Chennai and the Armed Forces Hospital and New Mowasat Hospitals in Kuwait. She is presently a member of the Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India. Parvathy blogs at http://premadiet.blogspot.in/

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