Homeopathy for Ebola: Dr. Rajesh Shah

crop1_240x240_19aug14Dr Rajesh Shah is a practicing homeopath since 1985. He heads one of the largest homeopathic centers called Life Force in Chembur. He has been featured in the Limca Book of world records as a doctor treating patients from highest number of countries in the world. He has treated patients from 180 countries.

Dr Shah has introduced several new homeopathic medicines. He has launched over 25 homeopathy websites and is a pioneer of online-medical practice in India, since 1995. His clinics are paperless clinics since the last eight years. He has authored four books.

His area of interest includes all kinds of skin diseases like Psoriasis, urticarial, vitiligo, Lichen planus, eczema, etc and chronic and recurring diseases like migraine, asthma, allergies, arthritis, colitis, anxiety, depression and IBS.

Dr. Shah answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

Are there usual homeopathic homely articles like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. available in market? If yes please let me know where to buy them from?
There are no ‘homeopathic’ soaps, shampoos, hair-oils, tooth pastes, etc. Of course, some products may be sold in the market under this category, but as a professional homeopath, I would not consider them ‘homeopathic’; because they are not based on any homeopathic principles. More information on homeopathy may be read on my website http://www.AskDrShah.com or http://www.LifeForce.in , or if you have more questions, please feel free to send them to info@askdrshah.com

Are homeopathic medicines meant to be taken life long?
Not really, Kruti. Depending on the nature and the extent of your disease, one may need to take medicines for a few days to a few months to a couple of years or more. It all depends on the complexity of the disease.

How can I decide who is a good homeopathic doctor for me?
Good question! Make sure that your homeopath has 1. qualification 2. medical background 3. Experience in treating the disease that you have 4.facilty and set up to serve you. http://www.askdrshah.com/good-homeopath.aspx Also, you can check this video on this topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5hIviXi4k4#t=10

My 5 years old nephew is suffering from asthma, can homeopathy cure him completely?
Homeopathy could be a boon to your 5 year old nephew and all kids in the world suffering from asthma. If homeopathy is not used for asthma, it will be an omission. I treat many children whose parents are pediatricians! Frequency, duration and severity of asthma attacks can reduced drastically after homeopathy. Please read more details: http://www.askdrshah.com/app/asthmatic-bronchitis/

Can we have coffee when we are on homeopathic medicines?
Yes, happily, keeping a gap of about half an hour before and after the homeopathic medicines.

how does homeopathic medicines help in treating cancer?
Some studies have shown anti-cancer activities of homeopathic medicines. Such work is published in international, peer reviewed journals. Homeopathy can control the spread of cancer to some extent, it can help Cancer pains and other symptoms. Homeopathy can work as a supporting therapy to Cancer, if not primary therapy. Please refer http://www.askdrshah.com/cancer.aspx

Is it safe to be on homeo medicines during the menstrual cycle?
Yes, it is safe to use homeopathy during the menses as well as during pregnancy.

Is there any treatment for autism in Homeopathy?
Yes, there is promising treatment for autism in homeopathy. Please read my article on this subject: http://www.askdrshah.com/autism.aspx

What are side effects of homeopathy?
If chosen correctly by a qualified homeopath, homeopathy has no side effects.

Can homeopathy has a cure on ebola
Ebola virus is uncommon, relatively. We do not have documented experience in the treatment for Ebola. But since homeopathy is effective for a range of viral infections such as influenza, Japanese Encephalitis, Hepatitis C and also HIV; I personally feel that some research in homeopathy can possibly find some ray of hope for Ebola infection. WHO and various governments must take up such projects. Now, WHO has suggested to use even untested medicines for Ebola, that makes a strong case for the use of homeopathy for Ebola.

Why is homeopathy slow in action?
Homeopathy is slow and not very slow! In the sense, since homeopathy is used more for chronic (long standing) diseases, it seems as if it very slow. However, in the treatment of critical infections or disease, homeopathy may be slower than allopathy. And, in cases of chronic diseases, homeopathy may be considered faster than allopathy, in many conditions.

Which disease can homeopathy cure and which cannot?
Homeopathy is excellent for a wide range of chronic and recurring diseases such as (in random order) asthma, allergy, autism, all skin diseases (like psoriasis, lichen planus, urticaria) migraine, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, Trigeminal neuralgia, ulcerative colitis, hepatitis c, etc. I have written an extensive list of diseases at http://www.askdrshah.com/disease-list.aspx

I have been operated for Internal piles and Fistula about a month back. Is there any specific measures or medicine in Homeopathy to prevent recurrence of the same.
Yes, there are good homeopathic medicines for 1 piles 2. fistula (if not very severe). Please refer http://www.askdrshah.com/piles-treatment.aspx http://www.askdrshah.com/app/fissure-in-ano/

Doctor please advise a homeo medicine for menstrual pain.
Shewri, I suggest you to consult a homeopath for the treatment. Yes, Menstrual pain can be effectively treated by homeopathy. Please follow this link http://www.askdrshah.com/dysmeno.aspx

Is homeopathy really useful in skin disease?
Yes, homeopathy is highly effective for all skin diseases like psoriasis, lichen planus, vitiligo, urticaria, alopecia areta, hair loss, warts, etc. I have written extensively on following pages: http://www.askdrshah.com/app/psoriasis http://www.askdrshah.com/app/vitiligo http://www.askdrshah.com/app/urticaria http://www.askdrshah.com/app/hairfalling http://www.askdrshah.com/app/alopecia-areata http://www.askdrshah.com/app/lichen-planus/

hello dr shah hope ur fyn .sir my complaint is that i am completing 8 months of my treatment but my hair fall is not controlling 50 to 60 strands fall daily
This addition is a habit. No treatment in homeopathy. Be determined and quit the habit.

Can premenopausal and menopausal troublesome symptoms be controlled by Homeopathy?

I do get regular menstrual cycle every month but it lasts only for one and a half day. Is this normal? Do I need to take homeopathic medication?
It is normal. No medicine required.

Do we get homeopathic multivitamins too ? If yes which ones and where can we buy them?
Vitamines are neither homeopathic or allopathic. Vitamins are vitamins.

Ayurveda is also based on certain herbs, so what is the major difference between ayurvedic and homeopathic medication and healing?
The major difference is the method of preparation of medicines. Homeopathic medicines are in ‘potentised’ form, where ultra-dilute medicines are used, which are like nano-particles. That is the strength of homeopathy.

Like we get common medicines like crocin, anacin, paracetamol tabs easily, are there common homeopathic medicines too for fever, cold, cough,etc.? Can you please name them?
Some first aid homeopathic medicines could be used for minor ailments such as trauma, aches, sprains, etc. You can refer to my article on first aid medicines: http://www.askdrshah.com/first-aid.aspx

How well does homeopathy work for genetic disorders?
It depends on the exact disease. All in all, homeopathy works very well for most genetically determined diseases.

My son aged 14yrs is really short in height as per his age. Actually my husband and myself are also not well heighted, just average. Is there any chance for my son to increase his height through homeopathy?
Work on improving his diet and his involvement in spots such as badminton, squash and swimming. Homeopathy is not the solution.

Please tell me how much does any homeopath treatment usually cost? Does the cost vary?
The cost of homeopathic treatment is based on 1. The fees of the doctor 2. Cost of medicine. The cost may vary from doctor to doctor, based on his or her experience and expertise. May be, from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000 per month.

Can two ailments be treated at the same time by Homeopathy?
Of course! Any number of diseases can be treated at the same time using homeopathy..

Now days there are many books on Homeopathy which even guide you on prescriptions. Can we refer to such books and buy homeopathic medicines?
I do not recommend self-medicaiton. Such books are good for understanding the scope of homeopathic treatment.

What is the difference between acute and constitutional prescribing of homeopathic medicines?
Prescribing the medicines selected on the basis of symptoms of acute disease such as, say, Bronchitis, is called Acute prescribing. In chronic or recurring disease, we prescribe on the basis of many parameters such as disease pathology, crop4_240x240_19aug14psychological symptoms, genetic tendencies, etc. which is called Constitutional prescribing. (This is a bit technical!)

Where and how are homeopathic medicines usually prepared Sir?
There is a well defined process and protocol for the preparation of homeopathic medicines, in the books called as Pharmacopeias. Homeopathic medicines are manufactured in many countries such as Germany, UK, USA, India, Italy, Australia, etc.

My daughter is having itching all through her neck. As also on phase.No medicines (English) has h elped her in improving
We need to understand the cause behind her itching on the face..Based on the the diagnosis and homeopathic treatment could be decided. Yes, your daughter can certainly be treated with success using homeopathy.

What are your comments on the time taken by homeopathic medicine for healing when compared to allopathic medicines? Homeopathy is used more for CHRONIC, long standing cases; which are bound to take longer time, since the disease is deep rooted. However, with newer medicines and more research, the time taken to treat diseases, is reducing and I believe, that the homeopathic treatment in future will becomes much faster if more research is done in this field.

Antibiotics are known to heal infections like fungal etc. Is there a homeopathic medicine too for the same infection?
There are homeopathic medicines to treat bacterial infections which can be effective in many cases of infections, unless the infection is very severe or life-threatening.

Can you name certain homeopathic medicines for depression? Where can I buy them from?
Milaani, I am sorry, but it is not professionally correct to prescribe any medicine without understand your details, as the medicine would be selected on individual case evaluation. Hope you will appreciate.

Is there a homeopathic remedy for depressive moods?
Yes, homeopathy works for depression, especially if the patine is not on anti-depression for many years. I have described the role of homeopathy for depression in details, at http://www.askdrshah.com/depression.aspx

Can homeopathy also help to revive hair in a bald person?
You are asking about what is called as Male Pattern Baldness. The answer is, homeopathic CANNOT bring hair or grow hair on BALD patches due to MPB. It can grow hair on what is called as Alopecia Areata, as I have stated on http://www.askdrshah.com/app/alopecia-areata/

Hi Dr Shah, I am female aged 41yrs facing hair fall may be due to hormonal changes. Can I curb this by Homeopathy? Pls guide.
Of course, hair loss can be successfully treated with homeopathy. You can expect great results. I have written extensively about http://www.AskDrShah.com/app/hairfalling

Are there diet restrictions while on Homeopathic medicines?
Because of homeopathic medicines, there are no diet restrictions. However, due to the disease that you may have, there may be diet restrictions.

Are there any diseases or conditions on which homeopathy has been ineffective?
Yes, homeopathy cannot cure all the diseases. There are diseases which cannot be treated by homeopathy. Some of the diseases which are better not treated by homeopathy are: – Heart blocks – Consistent High blood pressure (especially chronic cases. Early cases may find good results) – Cancer (Homeopathy cannot cure cancer, it can help to relieve some symptoms such as Cancer pains. Some improvement in some cases of Cancer can be expected. However, homeopathy is not a substitute to chemotherapy or surgery, in my experience. – Truly surgical conditions such as hernia, hydrocele, tumors, etc. – Critical diseases such as acute (or chronic) infections like malaria, typhoid, meningitis, tuberculosis, etc. are better not primarily treated with homeopathy. However, some results are documented for chronic infections such as HIV and Hepatitis C, in studies done at Life Force.

Do homeopathic medicines do not side effects even when taken by children and pregnant women?
Homeopathic medicines if choses carefully by a trained homeopath, are not likely to have any side effects. It is safe for babies, pregnant mothers as well as elderly people.

Hi dr. I had visited a homeopath healer once. She had asked me questions regarding my mood swings, my thoughts and even my dreams. How does this help in Homeopathy?
Well, homeopathy believes in treating the patient as a whole, in totality. For treating you in totality, your homeopath will try to understand 1. your disease 2. your life style 3. your emotional set up 4. your genetic tendencies. For understanding your Mind space, your homeopath will ask you all about your emotions, the way you respond in various situations, your moods, your circumstances, etc. Eventually, the medicine selected on the basis of the ‘totality’ will treat your disease at a much deeper level.

Does homeopathy supresses the disease symptoms and allows the body to heal itself? does this take longer than usual medicines?
Homeopathy does not suppress the symptoms but it aims are correcting the cause behind the symptoms. Actually, homeopathy aims to treat the underlying mechanisms which are faulty. Does it take longer? Yes, it does take a bit longer, in comparison with strong conventional (allopathic) medicines such as antibiotics or cortisone. However, it is not as slow as it is believed to be, in my experience.

Can you please tell me how does homeopathic medicine actually help in healing? Thank you.
By addressing the inner mechanisms related to immunological processes.

I had read somewhere that theoretically all conditions can be treated by homeopathy. How true is this?
It is not true that homeopathy can cure ‘every disease’. The success depends on the nature and the extent of the disease.

Doctor I am female aged 29yrs. I want to know how helpful is homeopathy in obesity?
Obesity could result due to several results such as Under active thyroid, genetic factors, faulty diet, etc. Homeopathy can help you to treat the treatable factors behind obesity, to some extent. However, there is no CURE for Obesity in homeopathy. In the sense, there is no medicine which can reduce your weight. I know, this might sound a bit negative, but that is a professionally correct reply. Hope you will appreciate!

Is homeopathy a permanent solution to all kinds of disorders and diseases?
Let me be honest…Homeopathy is not a PERMANENT solution to ALL kind of diseases. No solution can be permanent, in real sense. As a learned patient, one has to ask for ‘very long-lasting solution’ to the ailment and one without adverse effects; that is what homeopathy can do.

Do all other medications (even multivitamins) be stopped while on homeopathic medication?
Not at all. All kinds of vitamins could be safely taken once you are on homeopathy. In fact, vitamins are neither allopathic or homeopathic! They are supplements, and they need to be taken if required, regardless what treatment you are taking. If your homeopathic doctor is asking you to stop multivitamins, you must ask for justification.

Good afternoon Sir, I am on homeopathic medication right now for migraine. I want to know why is it that we are not allowed to eat or drink any thing before and after the medicine?
Good that you have opted for homeopathy for your migraine. Homeopathy works brilliantly for migraine. Since the homeopathic medicines are getting absorbed from the mucosa of the mouth, it is important that the mouth is clean and free from strong substances. That is the reason, we suggest patients to avoid eating or drinking anything for about 15 minutes before and after the medicine.

Why do you think that one should opt for homeopath treatment?
Well, Farhaad, since homeopathy is one of the best ways to treat humans, it has to be used by all. To be precise, homeopathy must be used for the following reasons: 1. It his highly effective 2. It works at much deeper level, at the root of the disease 3. It is safe and free from adverse effects