Homeopathy Q&A: How to treat thyroid issues?

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This week’s answers:

1. my age is 30 yrs. and my weight is 90+ .my stomuch is very large.i do regular excersice but no result found so plz suggest medicine for lose stomuch fat.
Weight gain is not just caused by wrong diet and lack of physical activity. There are many other factors that can lead to this problem. So before starting on any treatment one must be sure why he or she is gaining weight. For example if someone is gaining weight because of hypothyroidism then the medicines would be different than the one who is gaining weight because of stress or depression. But whatever be the reason, it is always better to reduce weight by regular exercises, yoga and diet plans rather than reducing it by taking medicines.

2. Dear Sir, My fourteen year old son is having a typical problem. Every Morning and evening he is sneezing contineously like he is having cold. Any sort of bad smell (like cigarate smoke) also makes the same problem. If his nose is hit with some thing, the same problem occurs. Please help
S K Panda
Your son seems to be having allergic rhinitis. The allergy can be due to anything as you mentioned cigarette smoke or even dust particles.
Avoiding allergens
It is important to avoid allergens that are causing your son’s symptoms. By doing this, you may be able to reduce your son’s allergy symptoms, manage them without medicine or with fewer medicines, and reduce the risk of developing complications such as sinusitis. You can do this by:
· Controlling dust and dust mites, which includes dusting regularly and washing bed linens in hot water.
· Controlling animal dander and other pet allergens, which include restricting pets to certain areas of your home.
· Controlling indoor moulds, which include cleaning bathtubs and showers monthly.
· Avoiding outdoor pollens, which include staying inside while pollen counts are high.
A homoeopathic medicine named ‘Immune-Booster’ 1 spoon twice daily and Arsenic Album 30 – 4 pills twice daily for some days can help your son. It is advisable to get his nose checked for deviated nasal septum.

3. My age is 40, man, living in chandigarh. my hairs have fallen. falling since last 10 years, but in last 2 years fall has increased and there are few folicals on top of head. so can I get hairs grown back with homopathy medicine.
Ajay Garg
There are chances that you get your hairs back but for that you will have to take a constitutional homoeopathic medicine that is selected after assessing not only your physical but mental and psychological symptoms.

4. Dear sir, My age is 41 years ,I am suffering from Chronic prostitis since 2007 august ,facing the problem of urine burning & burning pain after urination,susqently pain at gentile area to pelvic area(RH)side only. please suggest any medicine by which i will be cured.
It is advised to have an ultrasonography of lower abdomen done so that the prostate enlargement and a renal calculus can be ruled out. Also a urine routine for pus-cells in urine is recommended. In the meantime you can take Cantharis 30 – 4 drops in some water thrice daily for 15 days.

5. SIR im 27 years old ,i have galucoma for past two years ,that time i had take eye drops from allopathy ,,now past two weeks i stopped eye drops insted of i take homeopathy madicine like inside medicine&also eye drops ..pls help me homeopathy helpful to withstand my pressure …please suggests me
Kindly continue the homoeopathic medicines that you are taking and have some patience because Glaucoma takes certain time period to get better.

6. Dear Dr. My One and half months(6 weeks) boy baby is diagnosed with a condition called craniosynotosis. Doctors are telling that sagital sutures, and coronary sutures are already fused, so the baby head is growing narrow, like a tower Is there any treatment in homopathay for this type of conditions. I am from Bangalore.
Dear Vijay, How much is your child weight? What was his APGAR score? Actually it won’t be a good thing to advice anything for your child before going through all the investigation reports like MRI and the birth history, any traumatic history at the time of birth, forceps-delivery, mother’s condition during pregnancy etc.

7. i m 39 yrs old…my sonography report shows sm fibroids in uterus..one is little big..coz of this in 2nd day of my periods i got pain in abdominal , lower back and left right sides of abdominal and problem in passing stools but only 24 hours(2nd and 3rd day of periods not after that)..doctors said to remove uterus..i don’t want to go for it…is there any medicine available in Homeopathy..plz advice..
shubha jain
Homoeopathy do have very good results in cases of uterine fibroids, please tell us the exact size and location of fibroids. Also how much is the menstrual flow is the bleeding very heavy or less? In the mean time you take Thuja 1M – 3doses on the first day at 6 hourly intervals and from next day onwards take Aurum Mur Natronatum 6 – 4 pills twice and Fraxinus Americana Q – 10 drops thrice.

8. Hi Dr. Navneet Bidani. I am a 33 year old married woman with a child. I am not decreasing weight though I am on diet, have joints pain, hair loss, constipation, tiredness etc. I am maintaining the same weight since 1 year. I am 57 kgs. My height is 5ft 1 inch.
I feel breathlessness when climbing the steps, heaviness in chest etc. So I got a Thyroid Test Done.
The values are as follows :
TT3 – 106.82 (range is between 70 – 204) – Test Method – Chemiluminescence & Sample Type Serum
TT4 – 6.6 (range is between 7.3 – 15) – Test Method – Chemiluminescence & Sample Type Serum
TSH – 2.20 (range is between 0.35 – 5) – Test Method – Chemiluminescence & Sample Type Serum
Please let me know if I have any thyroid problem. Is there any medicine in homeopathy if I have thyroid problem. Is it curable ?
Dear Hema, as per your investigation reports which is assumed to be checked by some good and reliable laboratory you are not having any thyroid problem but clinically all the symptoms indicates hypothyroidism, there are very good homoeopathic medicines like Calcarea Carb and Fucus vesiculosis for such problem but it is advisable that you personally meet a qualified homoeopath and take the medicines for quite some time say 3-4 months and preferably medicines made in Germany.

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