Homeopathy Q&A: Shampoo for hair loss

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This week’s answers:

1. i’m using homeopathy shampoo, bt still i’m loosing my hair… what to do??? Should i use it???
By using or not using any shampoo, you can not prevent hair-falling unless and until the only cause of falling of hairs is the strong chemical ingredients of a particular shampoo. Though it is always better to use a mild herbal shampoo like in Homoeopathy – ARNICA SHAMPOO but along with it you must take a proper treatment for hair-falling along with a well nourished diet rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins. Also you must avoid stress.

2. I heard homeopathy treatment, cannot cure the hereditary hairfall disease. . . At the max it can stop the hair fall up to certain age level. . .pl can u pls suggest me this. . .
Every science has some limitations and particularly in case of hereditary hair-falling not only homeopathy but also allopathy or ayurveda has very little to offer, and right you are with a proper constitutional approach, homeopathy can prevent further hair loss.

3. hello doctor, im taking sciatica for my sciatic pain and also thuja and lycopodeum. pl tell me if i can continue these for 2 months. i get increased pain when i stand for long which i cant avoid at times.
Lycopodium and Thuja are very deep acting medicines and it is not advised to have these medicines on a daily basis. Consult some good homeopath who can prescribe you some good medicines based on totality of your problem. Regarding Sciatica in general, there are very good medicines in homeopathy that can completely cure this problem.

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