Homeopathy Q&A: Treating heart ailments

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This week’s answers:

1. Dear Dr. Navneet Bidani, I am a mother of 5 years 6 months kid(Boy), my son was born underweight (2.1KG) and now he weighs 13 Kg. My kid doesn’t have problem in eating..he has good healthy food at regular times in a day, but he never put on weight!. I think his main problem is that as soon as he has some food, his stomach starts acing and he feels like doing bowels, even in his school he has the same complaint of doing frequent bowels. I had consulted my regular pediatrician, but he always recommends medicines for worms..but i don’t think that is the cause for his problem.
Can you please tell me what would be his health problem.

Worms can be a cause of frequent bowel movements but it can’t last so long. You can confirm it by a stool examination and you must have given him plenty of medicines for worm infestation. It seems that your son is having indigestion with increased peristaltic movement of intestines.
You may also consider seeing a gastroenterologist if your son experiences diarrhoea with an uncontrollable need to defecate or feces mixed with pus or blood to rule out conditions like Chron’s disease or ulcerative colitis.

For gaining weight, here are some tips that are safe and well tested.
a) Replace lower calorie options with higher calories foods. Offer extra calories that are rich in important nutrients. For example, switch skim milk for whole milk and serve ice cream instead of frozen yogurt. Avoid letting your child fill up on empty calories, such as candy and soft drinks, or high-fat foods from fast-food restaurants.
b) Limit snacking just before meal time, as this may curb appetite. Avoid caffine; promote healthy drinks, such as water and milk. Tailor your food choices to foods that your child enjoys and will eat.
c) Encourage frequent eating and snacking. Six small meals may be easier to eat than three larger meals. Your child should eat as much as he or she can without feeling uncomfortable. Do not pressure your child to eat. Rather, offer plentiful meals and snacks to your child throughout the day. When your child goes to school, give him or her plastic sandwich bags filled with snack foods, such as granola bars, crackers, dried fruit (like raisins), carrots, nuts, and jerky. At first, your child may not be accustomed to eating so much.
d) Offer positive support for any positive changes. Realize that changes may not take place overnight. Be patient.

You can give him Homoeopathic Alfalfa Tonic 1tsf twice daily.

2. Dear Sir, I am suffering fro gout since last 5 years, and frequently get attacks. Kindly suggest me is it qureable through homeopathy and what medicines should I take. Should I take some liver and kidney tonics. Please advise me.
Thanks & Regards,

Are you sure that you are having Gout, may I know the uric acid levels? Gout is 100% curable with homeopathy but the medicine depends upon the joints involved, the modalities and the severity of pain. It is advised to have 1 apple after a meal and 2 bananas daily as Apples and bananas are considered very helpful for gout. Also black cherries and lemon juice prevents gout
attacks by stimulating the formation of calcium carbonate in the body.
Regarding liver and kidney tonics, I won’t recommend them, please don’t go for them unnecessary.

3. Dear Sir This mail comes to you from a 54 year old woman ,bangalore,diagnosed with Benign Frontal Meningioma.
Symptoms headaches on top of the head and giddiness from Jan 2011.the giddiness stopped with Allopathy medicine ,vertim.
Did a course of Homeopathy medicine ,Thuja,Sulphur,Ignatia,gelsemimum and Arnica in the last.the homeopathy treatment started 23rd June 2011 till 5th july 2011. 1]How long does it take to cure Meningioma in Homeopathy. 2]Can Homeopathy medicines be taken everyday for complete cure. thankyou.

Hannah Jonathan
Before suggesting anything I would like to know the size of meningioma, are there any focal seizures, visual disturbances, any impaired sense of smell, reduced mental capacity or memory loss, impaired judgement etc. as well? Regarding homoeopathy, it doES have results in meningioma but it takes some time, may be some months, so you continue with the ongoing homeopathic treatment and have some patience. But please don’t take any medicine without a Doctor’s advice and don’t take so many medicines at
a time. The medicines that you have mentioned are very deep acting medicines please don’t change them frequently. Also take a homoeopathic medicine named: ‘Memory-Booster’ 2 tsp thrice daily. It is a brain and nerve tonic and will certainly help you a lot.

4. dear doctor 45/m/90 kgs/5’10″/ shortness of breath came at 4 am on 26-02-2010,admitted in Apollo hospital, Hyderabad. after echo test & angiogram drs. told mitral valve prolapse and go for valve repair or valve replacement. i consulted homeopathy consultant at bhadrachalam ( from past 14 yrs using homeo medicines under his guidance ). he told no need to go for surgery. presently i am using crataeugus & rauwilfia at night & morning respectively in warm diluted 5 ml. water daily. sometimes ars/calc-carb /carbo veg/lycopodium when needed. i have no sugar/bp. present complaint is 1) difficult to walk upstairs i.e 2/3 floors
2)when bending forward head seems over weighed/difficult to take air 3)sleep is coming after 1 am only. 4)some anxiety/ worries i have, i request you to suggest medicines & is there remedy to go further without operation ?.i will thankful forever.

Homoeopathy do have some very good medicines like Adonis Vernalis, Laurocerosus, Digitalis, Cratagus etc. for Mitral valve prolapse, but it is always advisable to take them under strict supervision of a qualified doctor. Regarding Rauwolfia, it works when there is atherosclerosis and high blood pressure. So, kindly discuss it with your doctor. I must say that you should have frequent check-ups for the same, at least once in 6 months and accordingly judge the prognosis. If on every check-up the reports come favourable, and then only continue the medicines otherwise go for a valve-replacement procedure.
For above mentioned symptoms, take a single dose of Arsenic Album 200 2 drops in 30ml of water empty stomach in the
morning and give me a follow up after a fortnight.

5. Sir, My Name is Arumugam, I am 56 years old. I had undergone CABG in the year 1999 since then I am on regular check up with my Cardiologist and I am on regular medication as prescribed by the Doc. I am also on regular exercise like walking mild exerccises
like bending, stretching, Surya Namaskar and Pranayamas. with all these My BP is 140/80 and some times 120/80 ie., if I am on medication. My total choloestral is 185 if I am on medication otherwise (without medication) my BP shoots up to 160/100 and cholesterol to 206 to 209. I am also having constipation and uncomfortable in the stomach like bulging in the stomach. I was also doing my regular FBS ie once in 6 months as advised by Doc. My FBS was 100, 105, 108, 110 and recently 130. Kindly advise what I should do with the above information and suggest me if I can go in for Homeapathic treatment?

Arumugam D
It is really good that you are following a diet regimen along with yoga and exercises. Fasting blood sugar above 110 should be taken seriously but before starting any treatment, kindly go for HbA1c test, if it comes more than 7 then only think of taking any homoeopathic or allopathic medications otherwise try to control it with sugar-free diets and long walks. Regarding your
cardiac problem, do not immediately shift on homoeopathy, consult a qualified homoeopath and under his guidance gradually taper the medicines. In the meantime you can have Essentia-Aurea gold drops (Homoeopathic medicine, made in Germany) 10 drops thrice daily in some luke warm water along with the other medicines that you are taking.

6. I would like to know which food items would help to recover fast for Ovarian cancer patient who is 29 Years old. Cancer has spread in stomach as well. Its second stage. Her one ovary has been already removed. She is undergoing cancer treatment (Chemotherapy) at AIIMS.
Scientists have discovered several ways that your diet can impact your risk for the disease or increase your chance of survival if you get it.

Meat and Fish
A diet high in processed meats, such as lunch meat, can increase your risk of ovarian cancer, according to a study published in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.” Scientists found that you increase your risk for ovarian cancer by 18 percent when you eat processed meats at least four times per week. Conversely, if you eat fish at least four times each week, you may lower your
risk for ovarian cancer. The study found no link between cancer and red meat.

Eating at least one serving of soy per week may decrease your risk of ovarian cancer. One serving equals, for example, 1/2 cup of tofu. High levels of estrogen can drive ovarian cancer, and soy may work with your body to decrease those levels. Scientists characterize soy as a phytoestrogen, which means that your body reacts to soy and estrogen in similar ways. However,
eating soy may decrease your risk for ovarian cancer by 40 percent. Scientists are still working to understand why.

Eat broccoli a few times each week because a flavonoid it contains called kaempferol may lower your risk for ovarian cancer by 40 percent. Vegetables containing the flavonoid luteolin, which include carrots and cabbage, have also shown promise in lowering the risk of ovarian cancer by up to 34 percent. Flavonoids are compounds found in plants. Scientists are still working to understand why they appear to promote human health. The compounds may help the body regulate cell-signaling pathways, which determine cell growth and death, among other things.

Eating a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables can increase the likelihood that you will survive ovarian cancer. Foods that impacted survival rates the most included fruits, vegetables and whole grains. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago found that your eating patterns anywhere from three to five years before a diagnosis impact long-term survival
rates. Meat on the other hand, may decrease your survival time after ovarian cancer treatment.

It is advised to have a homoeopathic medicine named: ‘Immune-Booster’ 2 tsf thrice daily before meals for helping the body fight against secondary infections because of low vitality and immunity in a Cancer patient.

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