Homeopathy Q&A: Treating male frontal baldness

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This week’s answers:

1. I am experiencing hair fall since July’2011 in my age of 27. Sometimes it fells 70 & sometimes it fells 20. I reside in Mumbai. But my job is to travel & stay in hotels. In April ‘2011 I was transferred to Bangalore. Water in Bangalore is from Borewell. A month later I started washing my hair with Bisleri for twice a week. But still the problem persists. Every alternate month I have went to Mumbai & stay for atleast 20 days. Please suggest what should be done at the earliest.
Arvind Singh
An apparent increase in hair loss is a very common experience and will normally settle down. Treatment for hair loss really depends on the cause. The vast majority of cases of hair loss are due to what’s called male frontal baldness. This is principally due to hereditary factors – plus the effect of your natural male hormones.

Some systemic illnesses can also cause hair loss, such as an under active thyroid or pituitary gland. Hair loss may occur after a feverish illness, after pregnancy, and after using certain drugs. Stress is one of the main contributory factors, may this be the case with you, then you must try to avoid it as much as possible. You need to check that your scalp and hair are healthy.

There are some scalp conditions that can cause hair loss, but these should be obvious to you. Some types of hair loss are characterised by punched out areas of baldness (alopecia areata).

Having said that, I cannot be sure without seeing and examining you that this is a certainty. The best thing would be to consult some good homeopath that can assess the cause behind your hair-falling and accordingly select a constitutional remedy for you keeping in mind your physical, mental, sexual and social aspects.

2. Dr. Bidani, I am a diabetic a person, I am taking allopathic medicine, Recently I started also taking R-40, 10 drops before every meal which has given me batter result. Please advise weather I should continue with same or you recommend any more medicine.

Satish Jain
If you are feeling better and your blood glucose level is within normal limits by taking R-40, I would suggest you continue with it for some more days. But keep on monitoring your blood glucose level frequently. You must continue with the diet regulation, exercises and yoga.

3. Dear Doctor, My father is 71 years old and suffering from poor left ventricular systolic function with an ejection factor of 25%. Its an very weak heart and he is under a lot of medication for the last 4 months and has lost almost 15 kg weight. I request you to please let me know whether Essentia Aurea Gold Drops will be of help to him to get better.
Essentia Aurea Gold drops are a patent product with combination of some homoeopathic remedies. Though it does not have any adverse effects and one can take it for some time but still I would suggest that you must consult some good homeopath that will study your father’s case in detail and then accordingly select the well suitable medicine for him.

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