Homeopathy Q&A: Treating Thalassemia

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This week’s answers:

1. Dear Dr, I am having cervical spondilisis which is not paining. But it make me feel like sensless and vertigo type. can u suggest me your best remedy.


Just by a name of a disease, one cannot prescribe a medicine, especially homoeopathic. In homoeopathy there are more than 50 medicines for cervical spondylosis but which medicine will suits you will depend upon a number of factors like your age, occupation, associated complaints, modalities that is when you feel like senseless… in the morning, night , when getting up from bed, when turning your neck sideways… etc etc. So, give your case in detail along with the investigation reports like X-Ray spine etc. so that I can suggest you something better.

2. My daughter is just 9 months old. She has been suspected of Thalassemia beta major. The pathological result did not confirm due to her age. Her hemoglobin dropped to 5.6 % when she was three and half months old. so she has been hurriedly given two unit (each 75 ml) of blood. The clinical report (HPLC) revealed that her Hb F was 96.5 %. Except that me and my wife are both beta Thalassemia carrier.
However, as I came to know that Alfalfa, Ginseng and Ganoderma (Red Reishi) is some useful medicine for a Thal patient. It only decrease the blood transfusion rate. So I want to know how far it is true, and if possible suggest me how can I cope up with the problem? Also refer where I can get those medicines?


Alfalfa, Ginseng and Ganoderma are general tonics, appetizers and immune boosters. These are not specific medicines for Thalassemic patients but yes these can complement the action of a well selected medicine. Your daughter needs a Genetic Constitutional Treatment and for that you will have to give a detailed case study. In such cases not only the patient’s status but mother’s condition during pregnancy both physical as well as mental also matters a lot. Along with this the child’s nature, her likes and dislikes, her milestones etc. etc. help in selecting a proper medicine. So it is advised that you should consult some good homoeopath and give him a detailed case.

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