Homeopathy Q&A: Treating thyroid deficiency

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This week’s answers:

1. My wife is aged sixty. She is a diabetic with high B.P. Since the past two years she is suffering with thyroid deficiency ( they call it hypothyroid ).She is being given treatment with ” Levothyroxine” fot thyroid, and ofcourse with other medicines for diabetis and high blood pressure.Because of this thyroid deficiency, her quality of life has come down to about 20%, she is always very week,having severe migrane,not having proper sleep even after taking sleeping pill, lot of hair is falling. These are some of main symptoms. Pl advise me if there is cure in homeopathy.
I had the same thyroid problem when I was in Bhopal, and my friend gave me KALI IOD 3x at that time and it cured me . This was in 1975 and I am perfectly alright since then.

with regards
shree chainulu

You are yourself a big proof that in Homoeopathy there is definitely a cure for Thyroid related problems. It is really very good that Kali Iod works for you but it should not be considered as a specific for Thyroid problem. Kali Iod is a very deep acting medicine and should not be used unless one is quite sure about its symptomatology. Since your wife is having multi-system affections, it is advised that you must consult a good homoeopath nearby personally.

2. I read your advise about ginseng.Pls. tell me the Name of this medicine or is it availabe in the name of Ginseng.And how much dose a normal
person should take . I want to take it as health suppliments otherwise i have no reasons to consume.I am 47year old can i take this medicine daily
forever.without side effect.Pls.advise.


Yes, it is available in the name of Ginseng itself, the potency is 1x and the manufacturing company is Willmar Schwabe. Dosage: 1 Pill twice a day for some days and thereafter give a break of a week or so and than you can resume again. But it is always a better option to opt for a healthy diet that consists of green leafy vegetables and fruits rather than a medicine.

3. My son age 12 has persistent cough, aggravates in cold weather. There is some phlegm also. I give him allerid and at times antim tart and spongia. Is this right? If not please can you suggest some other medicine?

It depends upon his symptoms, type of phlegm, associated symptoms and modalities. If the symptoms are of Antim Tart or Spongia, then it will definitely work. Regarding aller-aid, I won’t recommend its use for a long period.

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