Homeopathy treats the man not the disease: Dr.Rahul Joshi

Dr. Rahul Joshi is an MD in Homeopathic Medicine and Hon.Homeopath to Governor of Maharashtra.He is currently practising at Malabar Hill and Charni Road.

He also anchors programs such as “Yuva Chetana” and “Wassup Mumbai Youth” on DD Sahyadri channel.

He is known to be a successful healer of illnesses like migraine, back pain,skin disorders and kidney stones. He has also started a music clinic to promote good health through music. This has influenced more than 5 lakh people in last 5 years.

Dr.Rahul Joshi answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

HI, my throat infection continued since last three month. Pls suggest best medicine for complete cure.

Take voice rest, gargle regularly, avoid oily food, exercise regularly, sleep well. You need to visit a good homeopath who will take a detailed history and prescribe accordingly.

Hello Dr, Good Afternoon. My brother is an epileptic patient, i would like to know is there any medicine available and is it completely curable with homeopathy. Any information would be very helpful. Thank you.

We run a special epilepsy clinic where a Neuro physician and a homeopath sit together and prescribe for the patients. I personally feel allopathic anti epileptic drugs must be started but along with that homeopathy does help in reducing the no. of episodes of fits. You may contact me on rahuldrjoshi@hotmail.com.

I have dry palms and peeling skin. It is said to be psoriasis. Sometimes the skin become so dry and hard that it cracks and cause pain. Some times the dry palm irritate. Kindly advise how to get rid of this problem.

A detailed history is required. Please visit a good homeopath or you may write to me on rahuldrjoshi@hotmail.com. Keep your skin moist, you may apply moisturiser regularly. Think positive, sleep well and take a balanced diet.

I want to increase my appetite & keep my liver healthy. Suggest a liver tonic or other medicine.

Homeopathy has a lot liver tonics. Any tonic containing Cardus mar, Chelidonium, Podophylum may be taken. But please consult a good doctor before you do so. And hope you are spending more time in the gym and play ground rather than in front of the laptop.

Is there any treatment to cure mental stress & tension?

The treatment lies with you , get connected with a higher purpose of your existence. Then the small things don’t bother you. Homeopathy can help you to identify this and get your mind on track towards sanity and equilibrium. You may also listen to good transforming music.

How effective homeopathy medicines for diabetes? Do need to take drugs lifelong?

Frankly in uncontrolled diabetics I advice them modern medicine drugs but along with these homeopathy can help in improving general health and general well being.

I would like to know the best homeopathic medicine for psoriasis scalp and hair falling to complete cure.

We need a detailed history. The long term results of homeopathy in Psoriasis are encouraging. I have seen good results of scalp Psoriasis with drugs like Mezerium, Calc Carb…. I suggest you meet a good homeopath.

It seems my baldness is hereditary. I am just 26yrs. Can hereditary disorders be healed by homeopathic treatments?

Male pattern baldness is difficult to treat. But we can try our level best to reduce the intensity.

I have swelling underneath my teeth. I have consulted dentist, he done surgury and sampling was done. With the reports he told it is ossifying fibroma, roots of this cannot be easily find out. Even after the surgury I am still having swelling

Its unfortunate that even after surgery your complains have not receded. I need more details to prescribe on. On the brighter side we have seen successful results of the complains you just mentioned. Kindly contact me on rahuldrjoshi@hotmail.com with more details.

Is there a homeopathic treatment for baldness?

Well the cause of baldness is your worries, you better get rid of them fast. I need to know your age, other symptoms and your family history of Baldness.

How do you see Homeopathy as a treatment today, and the future of Homeopathy in India as well?

Present is good and future is better as Homeopathy mimics nature. Treatment modalities of other pathies may change but Homeopathy does not.

Please give an expert advise as to why one should opt for Homeopathic treatment and not other kind of treatments?

Its based on nature’s law of cure. Its not something which stops the flow. It modifies the body and restores it back to normal.

My aunt is been treated for lower back pain by homeopathic medicines since 14mnths. There is a relief but pain still persists.Advise.

Please get her examined by a back specialist and rule out a disc collapse, degenerative disease. I need more information to opine. You may contact me on rahuldrjoshi@hotmail.com.

This is general question. Does Homeopathy assure a permanent cure to ailments? Regards, Winny.

Only God Almighty can assure anything…. We mortals just make efforts. Now coming to your question. Homeopathy can treat varied type of cases from hair loss to cold to cough, backaches, allergies, auto immune states, gastric upsets…. and can be of yeomans service in chronic long standing diseases as well.

hello dr. Do you advise homeopathy for weight loss?

NO!!!!!! Please start walking, diet control, exercise, will power and stay away from Doctors who tell you that they can make you slim in 2 months. Well Homeopathy can help you but I will answer your question when you follow what I told you. You may contact me on rahuldrjoshi@hotmail.com.

How is homeopathy for cold, cough, fever? Can I keep some homeopathic medicines handy for this?I usually keep paracetomol tabs.

Yes it is handy. You may keep medicines like Ammon carb, Belladonna, Bryonia, Nux vomica, Dulcamara, Pyrogen, Gelsemiun and many more in your kit. You may visit my website www.drrahuljoshi.com.

Can homeopathic medicines can also be consumed(after advise) as a preventive measure against certain health problems?

Yes it can ! Our founder Dr. Hahnemann had stated 200 yrs ago about preventive medicine and homeopathy. For eg: You may take Balladonna 200 before you enter a flight for those people with air sickness.

My son is 13 yrs suffering frm Asthma.He is under medication frm 7mnths.Pls advise, should I go for Homeopathic treatment for better results?

Homeopathy will suit him. It will reduce the pump or other treatments to a certain extent. Overall the results of homeopathy in asthmas and COPD is encouraging.

What do I look for in a good Homeopathic Doctor? I stay in Bangalore.

One who does not advertise, one who is attached to a teaching institution and one who’s patience results speak for him.

Is it that once one has an Homeopathic treatment he cannot opt for other kind of treatments?

Its not so, you may take other treatments, but…. once you take homeopathy you will not feel like taking other treatments.

Is a homeopathic medicine more effective for migraine?

Well yes! If you consider in a broader aspect over a longer term…. As I said in the interview homeopathy is like a test match not a T-20 game…. It is slow and steady, but permanent.

Actually she gets migraine attack when she skips her meal or less sleep. She takes a crocin generally. Is it O.K?

Nice to know the trigger factors. You see to it that she does not skip her meals and taking pain killers are not a good thing to do for a long time.

Doctor my sister is 40 yrs. She has been suffering from migraine from a year or two. Any homeopatic remedies?

Nat mur, bell, nux vom…. You need to visit a good homeopath who will take a detailed history and prescribe accordingly. My MD thesis was on migraine and hence done a lot of study on the same.

What are the types of diseases or illnesses that can be prevented or healed by music? Thanks for the answers.

All the diseases that emanate from the mind.

Can we practice listening to a particular type of music at home for healing?

Whichever music you like!! So long as the music makes you feel elated, makes you lose all the negativity and makes you feel connected with your inner self.

Hello Doctor, I came to know that you heal and even promote good health through music. How do you do that?

Eighty percent of the times the cause of the disease is unhappiness, depression and these psychosomatic illnesses. In such cases no medicines can really help. Music has the power to uplift the mind. To render sanity in the mind. And hence cure these diseases. I use the Indian classical ragas to restore good mental health.

Is it true that one has to wait for months or even years for a positive result in the homeopathic treatment?

Its not so. Kindly refer to our video talk. Acute diseases can be sorted out easily in less time, chronic diseases do take sometime.

Are there any side effects to a Homeopathic treatment? I have heard that there are few.

If homeopathic medications are misused they can cause a severe aggravation, hence it should not be taken if not indicated. Its a myth that Homeopathy does not have side effects.

What is the main difference between Homeopathy and Allopathy?

1) Homeopathy is Individualistic 2) Homeopathy treats on basis of Natures laws of Cure 3) Homeopathy treats the Man not the disease…

Hey Dr.Joshi, I am facing hairfall from last one year. Have tried a lot of shampoos & conditioners but with no gain. Any Homeopath medicines for it?

Yes… First… stop worrying !!! Start Living… Put a smile on ur face…. and about medicines… Arnica 30, Acid Phos 30… But to be taken only after consultation…

I also need a medication for my lower back pain which is moderate. Please advise. Thanks.

Exercise, Posture, Diet, physio…… and yes good Homeopathy…. Kali carb, Belladonna, Agaricus…. some of the medicines….

I am a working woman, 29yrs, I witness pain during my menstrual cycle.Can I opt for Homeopathic medicine for this?

Yes you may…. Mag phos, Puls, Belladonna… So many medicines for the same… But u need to visit a good Homeopath…

Is homeopathy advised for all ages? Even children?

We have a good treatment from a fetus in the mothers womb, neonate, infant, adolescent to old age…

Is it true that Homeopathic medication is related to one’s mind?

Yes it is !! we can prescribe only after we know the case well, and know a persons mind well….

Dear Dr. My mom is suffering 3rd degree bedsore as she is a parkinson patient. She is 80 yrs old. Is there any remedy?

Yes… Pls apply Echinicea Mother tincture to the area of Bedsore.. She may benefit by taking Pyrogen 200, 4 pills 4 times a day… You need to visit a good homeopath who will take a detailed history and prescribe accordingly.

Dear Dr. I a have GERD/acid reflux for last 4 years or so. Happens only at night. I eat food at 7:30 pm. Still when I wake up in the morning, I have sore throat and mouth is burning because of acid. Is there a permanent cure ? Thanks.

Yes there is… pls give us more details… We have Medicines like Nux Vom, Iris, Nat Phos which may help you… but more details needed…


Yes we have… pls tell us the symptoms… also he needs to be investigated in more detail…

Dear Dr , My friend has Dystonia , but the surprise part is she is very very normal, only when she talks the neck muscles go into spasms. Is there any cure for it. Thanks

Yes there is… Need to know the the details… We have good drugs for the same… a constitutional medicine needs to be found out….

I have a lot of skin tags/warts around the neck area. Is there any cure to remove them without cotorization. Tridib Borah, Male 50 yrs.

Yes there is! The drugs I may suggest are Thuja, Antim Crud, Nitric acid, Dulcamara. You may also apply thuja ointment locally. But please visit a local homeopath.

Is there a homeopathic treatment for Dystonias? What are they?

Allium Cepa, Sabadilla, Sanguinaria, Calc carb. You need to visit a good homeopath who will take a detailed history and prescribe accordingly.

Doctor, I am a male aged 32 yrs. Form last one year I am more prone to nasal allergy. I tend to sneeze more than normal.

Please change your diet and regimen. Exercise regularly, do yoga and pranayam. You need to visit a good homeopath who will take a detailed history and prescribe accordingly.The medicines which we use many times are Alium Cepa, Sabadilla.

Are there any homeopathic medicines that can prevent skin disorders?

Yes there are. You may take your constitutional medicine. You need to visit a good homeopath.

Does Homeopathy provide a complete treatment to Vitilogo?

Well…. Frankly the results have not been so encouraging,.in my few years of practice.

Good afternoon Dr. I just want to know how quickly do homeopathic medicines work now a days?

As quickly as I answered your question!!

Hi Doctor , I would like to know the best homeopathic medicine for acne and acne scars.

Hi Nivi, You must visit a good homeopath nearby who can take a good history and prescribe accordingly. But to answer your question Natrum Mur and Asteria Rubens are few of the good medicines for Acne.