Host of health problems caused by not changing bedsheets once a month

Nearly a fifth of people in the UK fail to change their bed sheets at least one a month, which could result in them suffering from a host of health woes ranging from asthma to rhinitis and eczema, according to new figures.

The research, commissioned for the home retailer Dunelm Mill, found that more than 50 percent people slept in dirty sheets.

The survey of more than 2,000 people found that just two in five people changed their sheets weekly, the Daily Mail reported.

A further 36 percent performed the task fortnightly, while 17 percent admitted that they changed their dirty sheets just once a month or even less frequently.

Meanwhile, six percent of people admitted to changing the sheets more than once a week, one percent of people admitted that they changed it just once a year, while three percent had no idea.

Dr Adam Fox, a paediatric allergist at a leading London teaching hospital, warned that dirty linen could worsen a number of health problems.

Source: ANI