How to beat the bloat

Bloating is mainly caused by eating gas-producing foods. Some foods have windy side effects: cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli, dried peas, beans and lentils, bran and wheat.

The solution: Stick to smaller portions. Avoid raw vegetables and salads – try and stick to steamed green vegetables and stir-fries.

Over a period of time, as the bloating subsides you can gradually reintroduce them back into your system, taking care to make them an occasional treat rather than an everday staple.

Sugary foods can also be gas-forming because they ferment with your gut bacteria. Certain food intolerance can cause bloating.

Coping with carbohydrates

Apart from your diet, taking in too much air as you eat can contribute to bloating. Therefore eat slowly.

Avoid lying down immediately after eating.

Chew food carefully. Carbohydate digestion begins in the mouth. Any work your teeth don’t do, your stomach will have to do later.

Ensure that you have plenty of fluid.

Ayurvedic diet for common illnesses

If you have a high-fibre diet, it’s essential that you drink at least 2 litres of water everyday; otherwise you may get constipated.

Courtesy: Rehana Khambaty
Image: Amylovesyah