How to make healthy fast food

With fast food receiving more flak every day, parents are turning to healthier food options for their children. Our selection of recipes are healthy, can be made at home, and tastes better than junk food.

But do remember to make your salads and sandwiches with fresh veggies and light dressing; to use non-stick pans (less oil translates to better health) and, above all, to control portions.

Microwave Chana Dal Sundal

A filling and healthy tiffin that can be made in a jiffy

1/2 cup – split chick peas (chana dhal)
Salt to taste

2 tsp – coconut oil (or any other oil)
3/4 tsp – split black gram lentil (urad dhal)
3/4 tsp – mustard seeds
1 – Thai or Indian variety green chilli (cut very fine) ( Or according to taste)
pinch of asoafoetida powder (hing)
3 to 4 tsp – grated coconut (fresh or frozen)


  1. Place the split chick pea in a microwave safe glass dish or any other microwave safe container.
  2. Add water to it sufficient to cover the lentils, swirl it once or twice with your hand and drain the water.
  3. Soak the lentils in fresh water for at least an hour. (typically I add water that is at least 1/2 an inch higher than the quantity of lentils, this gives it enough room to expand)
  4. Place the microwave safe dish with lentils in the microwave and cook on high for 2 minutes.
  5. Continue to cook the lentils in 2 minute increments.
  6. Skim off the froth from the top of the water when it forms.
  7. Also stir the lentils regularly and add water if required.
  8. The lentils need to be cooked until soft but should not get mushy, each lentil should stand separate.
  9. When cooked, remove lentils from dish and place in a different bowl.
  10. Add coconut oil (or other oil) to the microwave safe dish and heat on high for 30 seconds or so until the oil heats (will depend on the strength of the microwave)
  11. When the oil is hot, add split black gram lentil to it and heat on high for 30 secs to a minute.
  12. The lentil will start to sizzle but will not change color.
  13. At this point remove and add mustard seeds to it and heat on high for about 1 minute.
  14. The lentil would start turning reddish and the mustard seeds would begin to pop.
  15. Add green chilli, pinch of asafoetida and heat again for about 30 secs to a minute until the green chillies start to change colour.
  16. Add the cooked lentils to this seasoning, add salt to taste, mix well and heat again on high for about a minute for the flavors to mingle.
  17. Finally garnish with grated coconut and serve hot or cold as a snack.

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