How to make safe and healthy herbal colours at home

If you are wondering where to get natural colours to play Holi with, then here’s the home manual:

Green – Mix pure mehendi powder with some flour to get a dry green colour. When mixed with water, the paste will leave a slight orange shade on the skin. Dried and crushed gulmohar tree leaves can also be used for green colour.

Yellow – Take two spoons of turmeric powder with double the quantity of besan and mix. Flowers like amaltas, marigold, black babul can be crushed and mixed with water to get a yellow coloured paste.

Red – Use red sandalwood powder and add crushed hibiscus flowers to it.

Blue – Dried jacaranda flowers can be crushed and mixed with water or flour.

Saffron – Tesu of palash flowers soaked in water overnight. For better results, flowers can be boiled in water to get a yellowish-orange colour.