How to protect sensitive skin during Holi

holi2_mar3_240 (1)If you have sensitive skin and you’re wondering if Holi will make your skin worse, go for natural colours, use moisturiser in abundance and do more to protect your skin on the festival of colours, which will be celebrated on Friday.

Pankaj Chaturvedi, senior consultant dermatologist at Medlinks clinic, shares how to be cautious if you have sensitive skin:

* Apply a waterproof sunscreen on your skin to protect it from the sun.

* Buy only natural colours which are skin-friendly. The best you can do is to play Holi with flowers and homemade colours so that your skin doesn’t get affected.

* Apply a thick coat of moisturiser or oil all over the body. The slipperiness of the skin prevents the dry colours from sticking to the skin and come off easily later.

* If you experience irritation in any part of the body, wash with cold water immediately. Pat dry and apply soothing calamine lotion. Do not use a face wash very often.

* If the colours don’t come off easily, do not rub or scrub the face over and over. The skin becomes dry and can also peel. One can use curd to soften the body and hair.

* Homemade ubtans like Fuller’s earth and sandalwood powder are helpful to rinse off the colours.

* Prepare a paste with milk and turmeric powder. The paste is good for the sensitive skin of the face.

Source: IANS
Image: Getty Images