How to stay healthy this winter

crop6_240x240_8dec14Winter is a much awaited weather for everyone. A cool morning breeze, the attraction to open air eateries and a piping hot cup of chai can be a big temptation for most of us this time around. However, winter brings its own share of concerns which if tackled correctly can work wonders.

Taking care of your basics can make the corrections to our winter health which if ignored can prove as much havoc to our skin, hair and overall health.

Let’s talk about what we should be eating 
This is a great season for fresh fruits and vegetables. Load your system with plenty of citrus fruits, strawberries, red carrots, green leafy vegetables and much more which are purely winter delight.

Vegetable juices, freshly cut salads, fruit chaats, purees and par steamed vegetables can unimaginably work their magic here. The fiber works as a natural cleanser for your body giving you the sparkle on your face, which only good health can offer.

Health and Beauty go hand in hand
Chapped skin, dry hair and brittle nails with dry cuticles are not just dependent on spas, salons and expensive products for treatments. It originates from lack of nourishment.

Make prevention your first step. Your oil glands need to be fed, you need to hydrate and give yourself a few minutes of extra care naturally to achieve amazing skin. This is the time to add nuts, oilseeds and omega 3 in your diet.

Use your fruits and vegetables as face packs and masks. Eating an orange / pineapple / papaya or tomatoes is great but you could use these as your natural face/ hair/ nail mask. Yoghurt, honey, rose oil and wheat flour can be used as binding agents in your masks along with these fruits and vegetables and your skin will feel fresh and nourished like never before.

Say Cheers this winter
Not feeling thirsty is the most common winter concern. Dryness of the tongue, headaches, dry and brittle hair, parched skin, all these stem from dehydration. Drinking antioxidant water will help here.

Get skin smart- add a few slices of orange , freshly peeled cucumber or sprigs of mint too your regular H2O. That way you enjoy water with natural flavor as well as benefit from the water soluble vitamins which have been added to your water .

Exercise is the key to being fit
sweating it out is the best way to flush out the toxins from your body making your skin glow. It not only shapes up your body but enhances uptake of your nutrients consumed during the day thus making you winter fresh and rejuvenated.

Rest is your recovery
Your body performs best when you give it rest. Sleeping well is your key to good health. Reap the benefits of all your efforts by appropriate rest and discover true health with beauty for body and mind.

Last but not the least, always remember, the secret to maintaining health and beauty is creating a routine which best adapts to your lifestyle. Make it a way of life to feel your best and stay in the pink of health.


Tripti Gupta
Lifestyle Nutrition Consultant (Health/ Beauty/ Wellness)

Tripti Gupta, a Post Graduate in Dietetics and Nutrition, has contributed over 14 years to the field of Nutrition and has incorporated her love for food along with her knowledge and experience in nutrition, to help achieve goals through simple and practical lifestyle corrections.

She has successfully catered to over 10,000 clients including bollywood stars, sports personalities, models and the likes in her career.