How to work on fat thighs

Flabby thighs! This is a problem faced by many women and quite a few men. Most people will struggle with weight gain in their thighs, because that is where their body stores fat. But if you start a weight loss exercise program and watch your diet, you can lose weight from the thighs.

I can hear a lot of people say “Oh yeah! Easier said than done!” Yes, you are right; it is indeed difficult to get rid of the lump of lard around the thighs!

VISUALIZE! Visualize the way you want your body to look. Get this one right because this is where you start. This is the foundation of all your efforts. If the foundation is not strong, we all know what happens to the building.

BELIEVE! Believe in your ability to achieve the end result that you are looking for. Unless your belief is strong the goal will always remain that one inch away from your reach.

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WRITE! Write down the goal. The exact details in inches and set a time bound goal. Anything unspecific cannot be attained. Get this one down to the last detail.

STICK! Stick with your belief. Stick with your program. Stick with your regime. Stick with your diet. Stay away from ‘Nay Sayers’. Avoid them like the plague.

Now for some specific tips for shapely thighs:

The idea is to lose fat all over your body, before you start on physical exercises that specifically target the legs.

1. Aerobic exercises are the first step towards slimmer thighs. Get at least 1 hour of aerobic exercises in a day for at least 5 days a week. The exercise should be preferably done at the same time everyday so as to not to break the routine. Get your heart pumping and your body will burn calories!

2. The next step is to eat the right food. I suggest you have plenty of vegetables and fruits. Avoid all fat as it is going to settle as, well, ‘fat’! Drink plenty of juices – I suggest vegetable juices and green tea. And, of course drink plenty of water. Eat only when hungry. Avoid alcohol and coffee. Stock only healthy food at home.

3. Be active to get rid of flab on the thighs. Walk or ride a bicycle instead of taking the car. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Go across to your colleague instead of sending a message if they are in the same office. Make it a point to get fresh vegetables and groceries every day and, walk to the market.

4. Drink plenty of water. The body’s metabolism efficiency is reduced when you are dehydrated.

Mickey Mehta. The author is India’s Leading Holistic Health Guru

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