How working mothers can eat healthy

“To keep the body in good health is a duty otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear” – Buddha.

Unlike the past generations where women sacrificed at the cost of their own health to fulfill the needs of their children and other family members, today’s woman is learning to take care of her own needs as well.

It is indeed stressful for a working woman to balance it all – juggling between housework, taking care of children and their academics, taking care of elderly in the family. As a result her own health and nutritional needs get neglected.

Today’s woman is better informed and it’s a positive change that we see when they are conscious about their health and are taking efforts for the same!

Eating well is the best way working women can take care of themselves and those who depend on them. What they eat can make a big difference to how they look and feel.

Dieting tips for those at work

A healthy diet gives them huge support through different phases in life. The right food choices can help reduce PMS, boost fertility, maintain a healthy weight, ease the symptoms of menopause and combat stress.

So here is a sample menu for the day.

7am 1 glass lukewarm water

8am Breakfast

i) 1 fruit + cereal with milk
ii) 2 roti + vegetable + 1 glass fruit juice
iii) Idli/ dosa sambhar + 1 fruit
iv) Brown bread sandwich with cucumber tomato + 1 fruit

11am Mid morning
Fresh fruit/fresh fruit juice/buttermilk

2 pm Lunch
2 chapatis, seasonal vegetable, salad

5 pm Tea time
Tea + hi-fibre biscuits/nuts/baked soya snacks

8.30 pm Dinner
1 chapati, seasonal vegetable, brown rice, dal, curd/mixed vegetable soup, brown bread

It’s important for working women to make time for food breaks. Eating at short intervals will keep hunger pangs at bay and help maintain a desirable weight. Appropriate exercise should be included in the day’s plan as well to keep fit.

Whatever the age, committing to a healthy diet and exercise regime will help them look and feel their best and also stay on top of commitments and enjoy life.

Source: Dr. Vandana Mathur, Consulting Nutritionist Metropolis Healthcare Ltd.

Image: Getty Images

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