Importance of fitness

Our bodies tend to respond positively to the right stimulus. Exercise and a healthy diet can change your quality of life. The important thing is to be consistent, and embrace a healthy lifestyle as part and parcel of your life.

Why exercise?

· Regular physical exercise reduces your chances of getting heart disease.
· Exercise improves sleep patterns. You will sleep soundly and restfully after your day’s workout.
· Muscles are a vital part of the human body. Strength exercises will keep you toned, strong and in-shape.
· As you become physically fit, you will find that you have more energy and your levels of fatigue and stress will reduce.
· A strong body improves posture, increases bone density and improves the metabolic rate.

Can you think of 5 completely fit adults that you know? People who have no health problems whatsoever? No backache, no heart or cholesterol problems, no weight issues, no digestive disorders. How many did you count?

With our stressful urban lifestyle, the incidence of health problems has become all too common. We need to reverse this trend, by taking care of our bodies. This is actually simpler than it sounds.

Everyone needs exercise. Exercise is not only for those who are out of shape.
Once you get into a regular workout schedule, you will see the rewards. Your body will look leaner and fitter and you will feel much more active through the day. In fact, all that extra activity will also help you get a good night’s sleep!

Apart from enjoying all the health benefits that go with being fit, when your body is in peak condition, your physical appearance improves too. Glowing skin and shining eyes are the best accessories for your brand new look! Chances are you will be smiling a lot more too. Specially with all the compliments that will be coming your way…

Namita Jain

Namita is a Clinical Exercise Specialist and Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant. She is currently attached to Bombay Hospital as their clinical and wellness specialist.

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