Impotency could be a psychological problem: Dr. Rajan T.D.

Dr. Rajan, a practioner of over two decades, is an expert in treating diseases affecting the face – particularly pimples, moles, warts etc. He also performs cosmetic peels, microdermabrasion etc.

An alumnus of University of Bombay, he has obtained his qualifications from the reputed Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College.

He conducts counseling sessions on matters relating to sex, marital issues and sexually transmitted diseases (STD)

Dr. Rajan answered Sify readers’ queries related to skin and sexually transmitted diseases in an exlusive chat. Read the transcript below.

Dear Sir, I have small pimples on my penis front portion. I had sex with a girl having diff partners & I used condom Can it be cured
It is difficult to diagnose your condition from this description. Please consult an expert at your earliest.

dear dr i have dark circles under my eyes,and its more prominent under one eye. What can be done
Dark circles under the eyes occur because of anemia, thyroid disorders, eye strain, etc. Medical science is still trying to understand the actual mechanism. Since it under one eye in your case it could be due to some local contact allergy like swimming goggles.

Hello doctor Rajan, Are nail infections curable? How long does it take to be completely cured?
Fungal nail infections can be completely cured. The treatment for this could take upto 6 months. Other disorders of the nail are not very easy to treat.

Why does skin diseases take long to heal doctor?
Skin diseases result from multiple factors. Some of which are related to the immune system. Secondly skin tends to be manipulated by oils, creams, cosmetics, rubbing, scratching, etc. Also skin takes about 4 weeks to repair itself unlike other tissues.

Iam having scalps.and affected by hair bp, diabeties..suspecting..pshoriasis..any remedy for that
Psoraisis can be controlled with medications. But it tends to re-occur. Hairfall can be treated with supplements containing Biotin, Zinc and Iron.

Hello Dr.Rajan T.D., Can I do facial while underging treatment for pimples?
No. Facials being application of creams can aggravate pimples. You should wait for the full treatment to be completed.

Hello Doctor, Is there treatment for grey hair?
There are some supplements containing Pantothenic acid which help to minimize grey hair. However in practical terms it is difficult to say that grey hair can be reversed.

Dear doctor, I am 13 year old.I have got pimples.Do I need to treat it?
Hi Niharika Yes. Pimples need to be treated to minimise scars in future. If they are left alone, they may leave marks or ugly scars.

If a women has genital herpes and having sex with her with condom during the non outbreak of sores, can this still lead to any sort of STDs transferred to the male?
Scientifically it is reported that the virus continues to live in the skin even without an outbreak of Herpes. Therefore it is the best to use the condom during intercourse with someone who has recently had herpes.

There are a few black warts about half to one cm diameter adound the genital area for over 10 years. Any cause to worry ?
Yes. It should be treated with the help of an expert Dermat.

Hw to control black spots. N y always harmons r imbalances n hw to keep dem in balance.
Hormones are beyond our dietary or other control. Black spots of various types can be treated with fading creams. Consult a Dermat.

How may happen impotency?
It could be a psychological problem or due to a neurological disease.

also how is it possible to detect AIDS at a very early stage?
Symptoms appear only after years. Blood tests (PCR) can help to identify infection within 2 weeks. ELISA test is a cheaper test which detects the infection after 3 months of the contact.

Dr pl advise what are precautions to be taken to prevent AIDS esp intercourse with an unknown partner
Use a condom and choose a trustworthy partner.

my face become darker than my body color. how to recover or is there any treatment which can resolve my dark face. it is now completly black. but my nose and chin area has my body color. please help..
Exposed areas of the body usually become darker with age and exposure to sun. Consult an expert Dermat in your area as it is difficult to answer without examination.

It could result from some deep seated anxiety or could be neurological ailmeqnt. Please consult a Neurologist or Sexologist.


Can stroking,touching or fondling of anyone’s private parts lead to an std?
Any touch can transmit skin infections from the other person. It need not be an STD.

if someone uses a condom to have sex with multiple sex partners,is there a chance of getting a std?
Are you trying to save money by using only one condom. It is meant for just one intercourse.

Dear Dr.Rajan, I am 62, my hand skin shrinking and also in my leg (above the anklet)skin itching. I am type two diabetics and also heart patient had bypass surgery one decade ago.
These are changes consistent with old age. Use a moisturizer or apply coconut oil to reduce the dryness and the wrinkles.

Hello Dr. Since 15 yrs I get white deposits, skin cracks and redness on my foreskin/glans. Currently I use Corticosteroid 1% cream. No diabetes and BP. What can be done to cure it permanently? Thks
Perhaps the white deposits are some normal secretions called Smegma.These are normal deposits and need not be treated with creams. SIMPLE CLEANSING WILL DO.

Whether masturbating two to 3 times a day from the age of 16 till 26 cause any problem in child birth, sex pleasure or erectile disfunction in future?
No it does not.

what is the cause of vitiligo? is there any permanent cure for Vitiligo or do i have to die like Michael Jackson
The exact cause is not known. Treatment has to be taken by an expert Dermatologist for 6-12 months. Micheal Jackson didn’t ‘DIE’ of Vitilogo. Infact no one dies of Vitilogo.

Is there any pills/injection to block pregnancy for five years?
Use a contraceptive with the advice of a gynaecologist

How to avoid hair fall and suggestion to hair growth in balled areas. What precautions should we take before having sex with unknown female.
1. Good nutritious diet with green vegetables, sprouts and dry fruits. Avoid overusing hair gels and shampoos. 2.Use a condom.

dr my sister has Common warts,Flat warts , on her face, hands, legs and it is continuing to grow what to be done?
If allopathic treatment has not been working after giving adequate time to a dermatologist you may consider taking her to a Homeopath or alternative specialist.

Will having sex with a girl many times lead to any diseases wherein both are having sex wit different partners but wit protection
If you are using the right kind of protection and the partner can be trusted the chances of infection are low.

Why anal sex is dangerous but still some people do the same specially in english XXX movies
The anal opening is not designed by nature for friction or sexual intercourse, hence injuries are more likely with anal intercourse than vaginal intercourse.

Will having sex with a prostitute using good condoms give rise to any sexually transmitted diseases or skin diseases if we contact her using our body
Condoms will protect only the area that is covered. If there is any infection, of skin or STD, that could get transmitted where the skin is in touch.

IS HSV2 is curable and its long term implication in health.After initial sovirox tabs any further treatment needed continuously?
HSV2 infection takes several months or years to get completely cured. Blood tests are required to know the activity of infection if it is highly positive this tablet needs to be continued to upto 6 months.

Hello Doctor, I have been getting puss filled boiled on my sclap from 10 years or so. It has been there continuously over this period. Please suggest remeady
It appears to be a bacterial infection.It may have combined with dandruff resulting in its chronicity. Please see an expert Dermatologist at your earliest.

Dear sir , I have some sex problem while doing my intercourse. my pennis does’t enter fully and its diffcult while dong intecourse . so plz try to slove my problem
You will have to consult a specialist in your area who will examine you first for further suggestions.

sir i was very fair some years back but now i have tanned myself to a great extent is there any way so that i can regain my original skin colour?I want to become fair as soon as possible as being dark i feel unconfident about myself.
Tanning is a normal process as we age. Our colour doesn’t remain the same. With creams and sunscreens we can lighten the shade to a great extent but we cannot go back to the original colour. Try using a sunscreen with an SPF of 26 during the day and apply a cream containing KOJIC acid at night for a month with a local dermatologist consultation.

Dear Doctor, I have HSV type 1 but no where except genitals. It is quite frequent almost daily I get redness and the foreskin has developed cuts which get clear on no activity and applying cream. Any cure for this?
Your question is unclear. HSV 1 can occur anywhere on the body. Cuts on the foreskin occurs due to a fungal infection which needs to be treated by a specialist. Antifungal creams containing Clotrimazole are effective.

I have got infected foreskin of penis from an unknown partner.Applied to antibiotic cream but did not work.Please advise.
Antibiotic cream alone may not be sufficient. Consult a dermatologist-venereologist and take oral medicines as well. The partner ideally should also be treated to prevent a repeat infection.

hello dr, having oral sex with my wife will create any problem, we both are enjoying oral sex each other, we have no health problem, pl advise.
As long as both are in good health, there are no problems with oral intercourse. Please maintain good oral and genital hygiene always.