Improving lives through Digital Innovation

Amidst a huge pool of technological advancements escalating in the recent past, it’s inevitable that you know about this well-known brand that takes a plunge in transforming the landscape of the health sector – Fujifilm.

How many of us are aware of the fact that this popular Imaging company holds a separate medical division? Fujifilm India strives to provide the best services since its launch in the year 2007! ‘We never deter from our motto – Value from Innovation’ and continue to work towards the betterment of the mankind’ , says Mr.Chander Shekhar Sibal, Head of medical division of Fujifilm India.
Late 19th century witnessed tremendous digital outgrowth in the health sector, with highly recognised medical corporates playing a vital role in the transition. ‘Being a pioneer in the broad spectrum of imaging industries, our prime vision was to employ our well-equipped technology into the medical sector so that every individual gets benefited at a large scale.’

It is a saddening truth that in a fast-growing economy like ours, lack of digital infrastructure still prevails in most of the towns and villages. This form of inaccessability can be abolished only through the availabity of skilled manpower and efficient technological resources. Fujifilm has specialized medical solutions on board with trend-setting ventures like : computed radiography, quality imaging systems, digital mammography, enhanced endoscopy, ultrasound products and many more. ‘I would actually appreciate if other private organizations could work together with the government in order to create a healthy eco-system’. Public-private partnership is what is needed in the present hour for an easy flow of diagnosis and treatment. But, I must say, our goverment is working towards the inception of medical centres, district hospitals, community help care, free-service clinics and several other medical facilities. The essence of this revolution relies upon connecting digitization with the relevant resources, to be made available to the common man.

Apart from the mentioned initiatives, Fujifilm lends a supporting hand in creating awareness on Breast Cancer. Active workshops, training campaigns, early detection of cancer sessions and many other interactive programs are being organized and we are really proud of what we are and what we do’ (signs off Mr. Sibal).

Source: Sify
Image Source: Fujifilm