India’s superfood: Guava

A new study led by an Indian origin researcher has found that guavas are the `ultimate superfood` with the highest concentration of antioxidants that protect against cell damage which ages skin and can cause cancer.

A series of tests conducted on Indian fruits, including Himalayan apples and pomegranates, bananas from the south and grapes from Maharashtra, found that the guava, the poor man`s fruit in India, has the highest concentration of antioxidants as compared to all the other fruits.

According to scientists from India`s National Institute in Hyderabad, the Indian plum, the custard apple and India`s beloved mangoes, come after guavas in antioxidant richness.

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The study found that while there is a presence of antioxidant concentrations of just under 500 milligrams per 100 grams in guavas, 330mg in plums and 135mg in pomegranates, apples have a quarter of the antioxidants in guavas and bananas merely have a tiny fraction with 30 mg per 100 grams.

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