Indoor plants that are good for health

An easy way of improving air quality at home is by keeping indoor plants. The decorative angle they bring is just an added benefit!

Plants are one of nature’s greatest gifts to man. From improving lives through the creation of oxygen to uplifting moods with their calming colours, plants are the best decoration you can have in your home.

Whether you live in a sprawling bungalow or a high-rise apartment, here are some indoor plants you could consider keeping. These plants promote good health and also make excellent design accessories.

Surround yourself with greenery and enjoy the benefits of nature and cleaner air and higher levels of oxygen in your home.

Indoor plants that are good for health

Areca Palm:

The humble palm, easily available all over India is one of the most popular indoor plants around the world. It’s not only easy to maintain – it needs watering once in two or three days and does well in semi-sun – it’s also very effective in removing in removing indoor air toxins because of all the moisture and oxygen it releases into the air. Get a palm today and enjoy its friendly graceful presence.

Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica):

The rubber plant with its big, shiny, dark green leaves is tough and beautiful. It survives easily in low light and is very easy for even the most fledgling gardener to grow. Its health benefits come from its effectiveness in removing chemical toxins, especially formaldehyde.

Money Plant:

Easy and fast to grow with a name that you cannot deny, the money plant makes for a great indoor plant. The money plant is especially popular in office or places with a lot of wooden furniture as it’s very effective in eliminating formaldehyde (commonly released by cigarette smoke and adhesives used with wood furnishings).

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Snake Plant:

The long leaved snake plant is called “mother-in-law’s tongue”, thanks to its sharpness! Ironically, this graceful plant is especially great for the bedroom. Unlike most other plants that release carbon dioxide at night, this does the reverse and coverts carbon dioxide to oxygen even at night. It also absorbs toxins like nitrogen oxides and formaldehyde and does very well in low lights and irregular watering, making it an excellent house plant.

Sword Fern or Boston Fern:

The beautiful Boston Fern can liven up any living space. While it’s slightly more high-maintenance than the other plants on this list – it requires frequent misting or the leaves wilt – it more than makes up for its fussiness by improving the indoor air quality. Its great for adding humidity and removing pollutants from the air and thrives very well in semi-sun to shady conditions.

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